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Kiss of Ice (St. James Family #1) by Lavender Parker Review

This was a well written and mostly enjoyable romance. The only thing that kept me from loving this story is the fact that I often found myself becoming irritated by Annata's inability to allow herself to actually acknowledge her feelings for Christophe. Annata fought this relationship from the beginning to the point of being ridiculous. Annata's rejection of Christophe often bordered on being cruel and there where times when I just wanted Christophe to throw in the towel and say that he was out of there. I understand Annata's disappointment when things do not go her way professionally. Did she really expect someone to hand the reins of a family company over to an outsider over their own son, especially when that son is capable of running things well? Come on Annata, let's have some sense of reality here.

Christophe displayed the patience that most men whether in love or not, would not have had. Yes, he was a bit spoiled and over indulged, but he developed into a mature and good man over the years. However, Annata was so busy being petty and condescending that she almost missed the opportunity to be with the type of man that could make her happy. 

All in all a good read and I definitely want to read book 2 in this series, Kiss of Fire, so that I can see what happens with Annata's sister Toni and her mysterious firefighter. I just hope that Toni will prove to be less aggravating a character than Annata. Parker wrote Annata to be so realistic that she began to feel like that good friend that you just want to smack in the back of the head and say "Wake up girlie and grab your piece of happiness!" 

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It may be Christmas, but Annata St. James is feeling a distinct lack of holiday cheer. 

Seven years ago, Annata made a big mistake. She gave in to Christophe Van der Kind, the boss's smug, entitled son, in a moment of weakness. Their one night together has haunted her ever since. She will never forget how good he made her feel...but what happened between them is firmly in the past. 

Now, hard-working Annata has her eyes on the prize - to be named CEO of the company she's been loyal to for fourteen years. Only one thing stands in her way, and he's 6 foot 3, blond-haired, and blue-eyed. Christophe is back, and he's determined to screw her - in more ways than one! 

It's ice-cold outside, but inside, things are heating up as Annata gears up for the fight of her life... little does she know Christophe has no intention of backing down. He wants Annata for himself, and he'll do everything in his power to make it happen! 

Contains steamy secret trysts, a globe-trotting BWWM power couple, and a well-earned HEA. For mature readers only.

Breaking the Ice (St. James Family #.5)

***BREAKING THE ICE is a short prequel to Amazon best-seller KISS OF ICE, not a standalone book*** 

Annata St. James is having the worst summer of her life. 

First, her boss's arrogant son Christophe seems intent on making her life hell in the office. Then her rebellious teenage cousin Vivica shows up on her doorstep like a lost kitten with nowhere else to go. 

All Annata wants is her boring, uneventful life back, but she's fighting a losing battle. 

This is the summer that will change Annata forever. 

This is the summer she'll meet the love of her life... but she won't know it until it's almost too late. 

A St. James Family Bonus Novella.

Kiss of Fire (St. James Family #2)

Can you make a man fall for you with one homemade peach pie? Toni St. James is aiming to find out... 

Two years ago, Antoinette 'Toni' St. James almost died in a fiery car accident. Luckily, a good Samaritan pulled her from the flames just in time. Toni will never forget the act of kindness, nor the way she felt in the mysterious stranger's arms. When she finally tracks her hero down, she's not quite prepared for how difficult he'll be... 

Two years ago, New York City firefighter Sebastian O'Donovan was in the right place at the right time. Doesn't make him a hero. He was just doing his job. The last thing he needs is Toni St. James tracking him down like she owes him something. She may be beautiful, and she may be young, and he may be drawn to her like a moth to a flame... but dammit, he just wants some peace and quiet in his life! He doesn't need a distraction like Toni. Not at all. Not even a little bit. 

Unfortunately for O'Donovan, Toni has no intentions of leaving him be. She's got her eye firmly set on the infuriating man, and she won't stop until she's in his bed... and in his heart. 

Contains one brooding Irishman, one irrepressibly cheerful ballerina, and one sweet and sexy HEA. 

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