Monday, July 21, 2014

Lucas (Book #1 of The Hunter Brothers Series) by L.J. Dee

Lucas. Roman. Charlie. Tyler. 

Welcome to the extraordinary world of The Hunter Brothers. 

Bound by blood, sizzling genetics and a fierce determination to protect one another; when their lives are thrust into a spiral of uncertainty, the Hunter brothers find themselves hunted. As their enemies close in, boundaries are crossed and loyalties tested as they are forced to fight for the things that determine their very existence. 

One by one, the women in their lives discover that loving a Hunter is the most exquisite type of torture; a limitless bliss with a dangerous dark side. Destinies collide with desire and fates converge, drawing them into an intriguing tale of sex, power, lies and loss, obsession, death and love. 

From the dangerous rogue to the demanding Dom; the playboy charmer to the charismatic rock star, they will stop at nothing to protect the two things they value the and family. 

Life with a Hunter is always one hell of a ride. 

Equally Alpha. Deliciously different. 

Book One: Lucas 

‘Lucas flashed into my life like a glorious thunderbolt, electrifying my senses with those cobalt blue eyes; then just like lightning he was gone.’ 

Jessica Evangelista has had it tough. Pregnant at sixteen, she’s fought hard to protect the little boy she loves. Life never dealt her a break, until now. But when her thunderbolt lands as a permanent fixture, seriously sinful and impossible to ignore, he threatens every aspect of the life she’s strived so hard to build. When you’re fighting for a chance, there aren’t many rules. Jess only has two; 

She will never sleep with her boss. 

She will never risk it all. 

Lucas Hunter is a man used to getting what he wants. A master of the boardroom and the bedroom, he’s respected, magnetic and powerful, and that’s the way he likes it. Dark and dominant, serious and brooding, he lives for control. But when a beautiful waitress crashes into his life, he knows he needs to win her. What he doesn’t need is a woman who blindsides him at every turn, forcing his ordered world into absolute chaos. 

He doesn’t pick up waitresses and he doesn’t f**k employees. 

Relationships come with a cast iron contract. 

Some rules were made to be broken. Some feelings are just too powerful to ignore. 

With an introductory offer price of only 0.99 cents, 'Lucas' is a hot new release for summer 2014, and book one in the brand new series, The Hunter Brothers. Due to explicit language and strong sexual content, including BDSM, the series is recommended for readers over 18. 

The story of each Hunter brother is a full length erotic romance novel, designed to be read in order. 

Lucas. Roman. Charlie. Tyler – Welcome to the world of The Hunter Brothers. 

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