Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Perfect Prince: Dragon Lords #2 Anniversary Edition by Michelle M. Pillow

A Perfect Escape...

Nadja Aleksander has everything she could ever want in life, except her freedom. Skipping out on her engagement, to a man her controlling father has chosen for her, Nadja books passage on the first spaceship she can find. Bound for a planet of primitive humanoid males, Nadja plans on finding a simple, hard working man who will allow her to live out her days in total obscurity.

A Perfect Mistake...

Prince Olek of Draig, royal ambassador, is pleased with his refined and blushing bride. When she chooses him to be her life mate, appearing happy in her decision, his heart soars—until the next morning when his new little Princess wants nothing to do with him. Olek doesn’t know what he’s done to upset his alluring bride, but he is determined to reignite the spark that burned the night they met.

Dragon Lords Series:

The Barbarian Prince (Dragon Lords #1) 
The Perfect Prince (Dragon Lords, #2) 
The Dark Prince (Dragon Lords #3) 
The Warrior Prince (Dragon Lords #4) 
His Highness the Duke (Dragon Lords #5) 
The Stubborn Lord (Dragon Lords #6) 
The Reluctant Lord (Dragon Lords, #7) 
The Impatient Lord (Dragon Lords, #8) 
The Dragon's Queen (Dragon Lords, #9) Due to be released August 2014

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