Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Riding the Line: The Complete Series by Jayna Vixen

99 cents biker bargain. This is only on sale until tomorrow so grab it quick if you like MC stories!


This four-book set includes the following best-selling books: 

*Earning the Cut (Riding the Line, Book 1) 

This prequel to bestselling novel, Satin and Steel, is told from Dax's perspective. Earning the Cut reveals intimate details about Dax's past—it explores his rough childhood, his teen romance with his first love, and of course, how he became the brooding vice president of The Phantoms motorcycle club. 

If you like tall, muscled, alpha male, bikers and want to know how one troubled boy transcended his past to achieve status in an outlaw motorcycle crew, check out Earning the Cut! 

This book is an approximately 30,000-word novella. It contains elements of abuse, first time sex, and violence, which may be offensive to some readers. This work can be classified as young adult romance, erotic romance, romantic suspense, and contemporary romance. 

**Satin and Steel (Riding the Line, Book 2) 

The last thing Rhiannon Blake expected was to be assaulted when she walked into a biker bar looking for her little sister, Mickey. Luckily, Dax Jamison, vice president of the notorious Phantoms motorcycle crew, rescues her. At first, Rhiannon is more than a little afraid of the tattooed biker. He's arrogant, domineering, and dangerous. When her apartment is ransacked, Dax insists that The Phantoms provide protection for Rhiannon until he can figure out why she is being targeted by a rival crew. Then, a slow fire begins to burn between the two of them, culminating in a fiery explosion of sex, drugs, and passion. 

Will the flame that burns in these two chrome-crossed lovers continue to burn when the unthinkable happens and Rhiannon makes a rash decision? 

***Leather and Sand (Riding the Line, Book 3) 

What happens when Rhiannon Blake and Dax Jamison, the ultra-sexy vice president of The Phantoms motorcycle club, cross paths once more? Find out in this highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling motorcycle romance drama, Satin and Steel. 

Meeting Dax Jamison led to emotional havoc and a secret that left Rhee scared and confused. She did the only thing she could think of—she ran. Rhee figured that leaving was the best solution for both she and Dax. Little did she know, her disappearance affected the sexy, brooding biker more deeply then she could have imagined. 

When Dax finds her again...he's not exactly pleased when he discovers Rhiannon's little secret. He yearns to give Rhee a little taste of his own angst by punishing her in the aggressive, erotic way that only Dax Jamison can pull off. Then something happens that makes both Dax and Rhee consider what’s really important in life—and Dax has to make the ultimate choice. He’s been riding a line all of his life. 

Will he make the right decision? 

****Blood and Honor (Riding the Line, Book 4) 

Amazon best selling author, Jayna Vixen, returns to Darling, California in this action-packed quest to track down Rhiannon Blake’s missing sister, Mickey. Rhiannon’s boyfriend, Dax Jamison, vice president of the notorious Phantoms’ MC, will do anything to get answers for his old lady. Is Mickey trying to avoid potential backlash from a drug cartel after she accidentally captured their leader on film? Or is she running from something else…something even worse? Wince, the Phantoms’ resident computer genius, takes it upon himself to track Mickey down.

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