Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Beginning -- A Duet: Ryder & Two Worlds Colliding (Scorpio Stinger MC 0.5-1)

Man I wish that I had gotten this deal! I got the prequel Ryder as a freebie, but I paid the full $2.99 for Two Worlds Colliding. I usually look books up and wait for a sale, but I really wanted to get to Two Worlds Colliding before an upcoming blog tour. But the combo set is on sale for 99 cents right now! If you are a fan of MC/biker books this is a bargain. So guess what I just HAD to do? That's right I bought this combo because I want the 5 bonus chapters. I know. It's sad ain't it?!


THE BEGINNING - A Duet: Ryder & Two Worlds Colliding is a compilation of TWO books that starts off the Scorpio Stinger Series. 
It contains: 
Ryder (Prequel) Book 0.5 
Two Worlds Colliding Book 1 
5 Bonus Chapters 

The Princess & The Biker 
A modern day Romeo & Juliet story. 

Ryder Knox wants freedom from the hatred churning in his gut. Saved by the Scorpio Stingers MC boys, he owes his life and allegiance to them—they are his family. 
He doesn’t need a smart mouthed woman who pushes every one of his buttons. But he can’t get Jade out of his head. 

Jade Summers is a good girl. She wants a man just like her lawyer daddy. 
Not the alpha male biker who storms into her life, who looks like a sex god with tattoos and piercings. He’s demanding, controlling and won’t take no for an answer. 
Their chemistry is off the charts and they are drawn to one another like magnets. Neither can resist the other. 

Two worlds collide. Their families are determined to tear them apart. 
With everything stacked against them, is what they have strong enough to overcome the odds? 
They must choose: family or one another. 
The ultimate price may be too high. 
Will their polar opposite worlds destroy and rip them apart forever? 

This book is intended for mature audiences (18+) due to language and adult sexual situations.

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