Monday, July 28, 2014

His Captive Bride (Stolen Brides #3) by Shelly Thacker

He defied the boundaries of time to love her forever....


First came the erotic dream, so vivid it took her breath away. Then came the fierce Viking warrior who kidnapped her from Antwerp and swept her away to an enchanted island. Against her will, Lady Avril de Varennes wed her steely-armed captor, Hauk Valbrand. She vowed to escape even as he swore there was no escape from Asgard Island--a mist-shrouded land with a mysterious secret of its own. But why did he seem so familiar? Suddenly she knew. Hauk Valbrand was the passionate stranger of her dream come dangerously to life. 


Avril was as tempestuous as the season for which she was named, trouble for a man with something to hide, a kingdom to protect. To save her from an evil kinsman who threatened her life, Hauk Valbrand claimed the fiery beauty who divined his true identity, but not the secret that held her in his thrall forevermore. Hauk thought he was lost to love...until Avril awakened a passion so strong it brought him to his knees, forcing him to choose: between love and honor, between duty and desire, between now and forever.


Stolen Brides Series

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