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Between the Sheets by Molly O'Keefe Review

Let me first say that I was born and raised in Arkansas and am temporarily living back in Arkansas so finding a contemporary romance set in my home state that doesn't center around race relations or any other Southern touchstones was a wonderful surprise. As a matter of fact, the story has a bit of diversity and race simply isn't a bone of contention between any of the characters. Thank you Mallory O'Keefe for creating a story that is engaging and entertaining without the added weight of serious social commentary. For those of you who may now have your hackles up I am not in any way saying that social issues aren't important and shouldn't be thoroughly explored in both fiction and non-fiction, but it is nice to be able to read a story that takes place in my home state that focuses on something different. Now I'll step down from my soap box and get to the actual review.  

I enjoyed Between the Sheets and loved the fact that the heroine, Shelby is dedicated to the care of her mother who is suffering from Alzheimer's. The struggles, guilt, and difficulties Shelby faces as the only daughter and  primary care giver for her mother is so realistic. I could completely understand Shelby's choices, even when they weren't in her own best interest because all she wants is to do right by her mother. Shelby has painful memories from her childhood and her domineering and rigid father who has left lasting scars on both her and her mother. After a humiliating experience that Shelby has with a prior lover she has decided that relationships aren't for her and a love life shouldn't be a priority anymore.

Wyatt's (Ty) story is just as dramatic and involves a son that he doesn't know well, but he struggles to connect with. Moving his son from Memphis to Bishop is supposed to give them both a chance for a fresh start. Yet as with many well laid plans, things do not go as smoothly as he planned or wished. Ty's son Casey has many more issues and scars from his life in Memphis than Ty is prepared to handle alone. Ty finds himself in a new small town, with no friends, a new job, and a young son who doesn't know how to communicate his pain to him. 

Between the Sheets is a sexy contemporary romance with a good story that will keep you engaged and interested throughout. But best of all it's set in Arkansas!

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.**


Perfect for readers of Susan Mallery and Rachel Gibson, Between the Sheets is Molly O’Keefe’s final book in the Boys of Bishop trilogy, featuring a sizzling romance between a sexy motorcycle bad boy and the girl next door who can’t resist him. 

After years of running, Wyatt Svenson has now parked himself in Bishop, Arkansas, trying to do the right thing and parent a son he didn’t even know he had until recently. Over six feet tall and packed with muscles and power, Ty likes to get his hands dirty, fixing his motorcycle at night and keeping his mind away from the mistakes he’s made. Then his pretty neighbor shows up on his driveway, doesn’t bother to introduce herself, and complains about the noise. First impression? She should loosen up. Funny that she turns out to be his son’s elementary school art teacher—and the only one willing to help his troubled boy. Ty needs her. In more ways than one.

Though Shelby Monroe is safe in her structured life, she is drawn to Ty’s bad-boy edge and rugged sexuality. What if she just lets it all go: her worries about her mother, her fear of heartbreak, and her tight self control? What if she grabs Ty and takes a ride on the wild side? “What if” becomes reality—intense, exhilarating . . . and addictive. But Ty wants more than a secret affair. He wants it all with Shelby. But will she take a chance and open her heart? Ty is determined to convince Shelby to take the biggest risk of her life: on him.


Songs for Shelby

Shelby is a tough one. She has a giant ocean of love to give but no courage at hand to give it.  The whole book was born listening to Sweet Lorraine by Patty Griffin, and I urge you to hunt that song down  and listen to it. Here are my favorite lyrics:

Sweet Lorraine - Patty Griffin

In the battle of time in the battle of will It's only your hope and your heart that gets killed And it gets harder and harder lorraine, to believe in magic When what came before you is so very tragic Lorraine, sweet Lorraine Lorraine, sweet Lorraine

Readers first meet Shelby in WILD CHILD and in the book she engages in some pretty dangerous and wild behavior in an effort to FEEL SOMETHING. ANYTHING.  So that someone will SEE her. And frankly, I've been trying NOT to use a thousand Springsteen songs, but this one is just too perfect, about a heartbroken, lonely man who steals cars, trying to get caught - but never does.  

Stolen Car - Bruce Springsteen 

And I'm driving a stolen car  On a pitch black night  And I'm telling myself I'm gonna be alright  But I ride by night and I travel in fear  That in this darkness I will disappear 

Shelby and Ty start a relationship that Shelby insists is only physical and she's blunt and cold, but her real feelings - her terrible loneliness and craving for Ty is just so plain. And this song...holy cow...this is SUCH a song!!

Stay With Me - Sam Smith

Why am I so emotional? No, it's not a good look, gain some self-control And deep down I know this never works But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt

Shelby admits to her feelings far later than Ty but when she does, I feel like she's fierce. And once they're together, Ty and his son Casey, she's like this  Mama Bear.  Finally, all this love has a place to go and it's amazing. 

What I Wouldn't Do - Serena Ryder

I’ll carry the weight I’ll do anything for you My bones may break but I’ll never be untrue Woah-oh-oh Woah  Woah-oh-oh Woah Woah-oh-oh Woah  Oh what I wouldn’t do  Oh what I wouldn’t do

About the Author:

Molly O'Keefe is the RITA Award winning author of over 25 books and novellas. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, two kids and the largest heap of dirty laundry in North America.


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