Friday, August 8, 2014

Eye of the Abductor by Elaine Meece

Romantic Suspense Freebie!


After serving two years in a federal prison for a crime she didn't commit, Allison Davenport returns to Tennessee for one reason. To regain custody of her four year old son. If the courts won’t give him back, she has a backup plan. Abduct him.

The hotter-than-hell detective living above her not only finds his way into her dreams, but also into her life. 

As Detective Brance Stone gets acquainted with the sexy woman living in the apartment below him, he makes plans to get the lady into his bed. But she makes it clear she's not looking for a relationship with him or any man. That doesn't stop Brance from trying. He soon discovers she's a felon hoping to regain custody of her little boy and decides to help, despite the fact that his involvement could possibly destroy his career and alienate his all-cop family. 

When a big-time drug lord comes looking for Allison and the five million her dead ex-husband stole from him, she has to take drastic measures to ensure her safety as well as her son's. She doesn't have the money, but she doubts anyone believes her, and she has no idea who to trust anymore.

Is Brance just another dirty cop, or will he be able to save her heart along with her life?

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