Thursday, August 7, 2014

Honest Love (London Brothers #1) by C.M. Hutton

Starting over was never easy for anyone.

I’d heard the stories over and over. 

But after the hell my ex-husband had put me through over the last year, over the last twenty years…well, I was ready to move on, repair what was left of my shattered heart and find someone to share my life with—someone who would put me first.

I deserved it. I’d done my time being in her shadow, being a cheap understudy, always second. For. All. Those. Years. 

Never again.

Our move to San Diego provided a fresh start, a new place away from all the hurt and memories. Life as a single mom to three teenagers had its' challenges, but we were adjusting and my kids were doing well. 

It was time to focus on my happiness, for once. I had a huge capacity to love and I wanted to share my love with a man that respected it, accepted it and gave it in return. 

It was just a matter of time before he found me and showed me what true, honest love was all about.


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