Friday, September 5, 2014

Callisto Collection (Callisto Stories & Interviews) by Erica Conroy

World’s collide as the Callisto series comes to a front. Follow the daring Jasmine as she flees a Space Corps’ Covert Operations center with damning evidence of heinous acts of genetic engineering. Juggle cultural diversity and the drama of diplomacy as Viktor Jacobs uses forked tongue to negotiate a tangible peace settlement! Submerse yourself in the shocking conclusion of the Callisto series, which reveals monsters, heroes and lovers sacrificing everything for good of the universe!

Includes the whole series so far:
Book 1 – Adrift
Book 1.5 – Nancy and the Caveman
Book 2 – Taken
Book 3 – United
Book 3.5 – Anari and the Future
The End - Norik and His Daughter

Bonus Material:
All four interviews
Species List
The Feisty Princess - Chapter 1

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