Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fight For Me (Invitation to Eden #5) by Sharon Page

Invitation to Eden focuses on the complicated love triangle between Tessa, her ex Ryder, and Xavier who happens to be friends with both Tessa and Ryder. I was not able to connect well with the characters in this one. The story seemed to wonder and get a bit convoluted and I had a hard time staying interested in what happened to any of them. Overly dramatized angst and female characters who aren't a bit more strong willed do not usually appeal to me. I wasn't expecting this to have characters that felt so immature. I felt like I was reading a sexed up version of a young adult novel instead of a story featuring real adults. I will probably give another try at a Sharon Page book but I will definitely make sure that the featured characters are further over on the adult scale. 

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

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I had to drop out of college to raise my son after his dad, bad boy MMA fighter Ryder King, and I broke up. Ryder is so haunted by demons he won’t let me into his heart. Fame, fortune, and fighting didn’t bring him any peace, and I knew, for the sake of our child, I had to leave him. 

That’s when I started seeing Ryder’s best friend, Xavier Malone, a former fighter who built a billion dollar empire. Xavier is powerful and handsome, but also caring and wonderful with my son. We were friends at first and now I’m falling for him—but I’m scared to commit. 

Then I receive an invitation to the island of Eden, a luxurious resort where I can live my every sensual fantasy. I’m certain Xavier sent it. But after I leave my son with my mom and fly to Eden, I discover I’m in the middle of a grudge match between Xavier and Ryder. They are going to fight for me: inside the ring in a charity match, and outside it—where they both plan to seduce the pants off me. But I have a surprise for them too. 

Fight for Me is also a Yardley College Alumni story. For readers 18 years of age + 

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