Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Keep Me Safe (Slow Burn #1) by Maya Banks Sneak Peek!

Maya has posted a small excerpt from Keep Me Safe, book 1 in her new series Slow Burn. You can connect with Maya via her Facebook page.



Ramie punched in the number as she walked toward the chair in the corner. Her entire body ached and she was so tired from all the sleepless nights that she could barely remain upright.

A somber-sounding male voice answered on the second ring.

“Devereaux security,” he clipped out.

“I need to speak with Caleb Devereaux,” Ramie said. “It’s a matter of life or death.”

She flinched, thinking how cliché that sounded. Everyone who wanted to get a call through would say the exact same thing. And well, this was a security firm she was calling. Every call they received was likely a matter of life or death.

“Your name?”

The man sounded bored, as if he did indeed field such calls every day. Fear gripped Ramie’s throat. God, don’t let this man blow her off.

“Ramie St. Claire,” she said, shaking so hard her teeth were chattering, making her words nearly unintelligible. Now of all times she needed absolute clarity. She clamped her jaw shut and spoke through tightly gritted teeth. “As I said it’s imperative that I speak to him. If you tell him my name, he’ll take my call.”

“Hold please.”

Boring elevator music flooded the line and Ramie sat there, waiting, hoping. Praying. Dying a little more with each passing second.

The wait went on for several minutes. She glanced nervously up at the desk where the librarian was obviously waiting for her to finish. She was staring expectantly at Ramie, which only served to make Ramie more anxious. Despair crept over her shoulders, weighing her down as she realized no one was going to answer. She started to pull the phone down to quietly end the call when a different male voice came over the line.

“Ramie? Is that you? Where are you? Are you all right?”

She’d know his voice anywhere. Could often hear it in her dreams, mixed with the voices of others. Only for some odd reason, she found comfort in his voice and she had no reason to. He’d pushed her those final inches over the brink of insanity. And yet…

She squeezed her eyes shut, relief making her weak and shaky. So much so that she felt faint. If she hadn’t already been sitting, she would have collapsed on the spot.

“Yes,” she said hoarsely. “I need your help, Caleb. You owe me.”

She didn’t flinch over the demand. He did owe her. There was no excuse for pride when it came to her life.

“Tell me where you are,” he demanded. “I’ll come to you at once.”

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