Friday, September 5, 2014

Twisted Pursuits by Krystal Morrison


When Jordan goes to the local Diner for his weekly meeting, it is business as usual; until he sees the new waitress, Lauren McKenzie. Despite her scruffy attire, there is no denying her exceptional beauty; instantly he desires her. Rumored for his reputation with the ladies, he is shocked when Lauren continually eludes him. Accustomed to getting what he wants, he chases her ruthlessly and before he knows it his interest travels beyond her lush curves to the fascinating woman beneath… 
Caught between her desire for the illustrious and extremely wealthy Jordan Myles and her abusive and excessively controlling Aunts Lauren is forced to choose...or will she? Charmed by Jordan’s allure and persistence she gambles with destiny; secretly courting his advances and against her better judgment falling for him… 
Fate plays a cruel hand when her Aunts discover this, they take drastic actions plummeting Lauren into a devastating depression; shattering the fragile bond between her and Jordan. Amid a maelstrom of half truths and misguided perceptions two wounded hearts find each other…but will Jordan’s assurances be enough to heal her deep-rooted scars or will she cavern to her Aunts’ whims; dashing all hopes for a future with Jordan. 

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