Monday, September 15, 2014

Whipped (Brought to his Knees anthology) by Sabrina York Review

A case of mistaken identity and a crush on a brother's best friend realized is the perfect combination for this very short and steamy read by Sabrina York. Dane isn't one to waste a perfectly good and pre-paid escort. When he runs into the person he assumes is the hooker for his best friend's bachelor party he decides to enjoy his good luck. Dane figures if his best friend is too whipped to take advantage of his last moments of freedom, he wouldn't waste the opportunity. Dane is in for a big surprise. Tina Marie has had a thing for Dane for a while and has never been able to catch his attention. In the outfit she's wearing after being made up for the bachelorette party she has gotten more than his passing interest and won't waste her chance to be with Dane either. With a bit of luck Tina Marie is in for a night that she will never forget.  Whipped was a fun and fast read!

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**I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**


A scalding attraction. An irresistible passion. A pity she’s the one woman he can never have…

Dane Coulter is mourning the loss of his best friend, fellow Special Ops buddy, Cody. Oh, Cody didn’t die. It’s worse. He’s getting married. Cody is, in Dane’s opinion, whipped.

Dane swears he will never suffer the same fate. But when he meets a woman who can take all his dominant loving and beg for more, he realizes he may have met his match. It’s a damn shame she’s the one woman in the world his man-code deems untouchable…his best friend’s sister.


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