Friday, October 3, 2014

Vasily's Revenge (The Medlov Men #1) by Latrivia S. Nelson Review

I originally read part 1 of Vasily's Revenge in the Scandalous Heroes boxed set and it ended with a cliffhanger, so needless to say that I was thrilled when the complete story released! Nelson did not disappoint! Vasily takes center stage in this one and we get more information on his background and what lead him to the Medlov family. In the previous books we only see Vasily as the strong dependable head of security and best friend to Anatoly. However, we now get to see Vasily as more than just the ruthless henchman. We get to see the man behind the guns and calculated violence. No matter how I turn the story around in my mind I think that is all that I can say about the story without spoilers so that's all I'm going to say about the plot of this book. 

Latrivia Nelson has built a world of wealth and violence that feels real and I continue to get more and more drawn in with each subsequent book that she releases. I also love that Latrivia gives the African American women in her stories a variety of physical traits. The three women who are now central figures in these stories vary from fair to darker skin, various body shapes, and hair types. This may seem insignificant to some, but with so many women of color wanting to see themselves reflected in the romances that they read, I give Nelson a lot of credit for creating black female characters that feel real and relatable. The characteristics that all of her female characters share is strong resolve and love of the family that they have built from nothing. With them all being involved with domineering, aggressive, and strong willed men these women have to be equally strong but in different ways to make things work; and they do work. 

We get little vignettes from all of the couples in this one. Dmitry and Royal, Anatoly and Renee, and Gabriel and Briggy are all part of this story. Nelson makes it pretty clear that  Gabriel may be the next one to get his own book. Things are not well between Gabrielle and Briggy and they have some major decisions to make. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and it will be one that I will definitely go back to from time to time. I'll be adding this to my favorites list! There were a few minor editing hiccups but they in no way inhibited my complete happiness with this story. 

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