Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eluded by Lyra Parish Review

Here I am having a hard time deciding how I feel about ELUDED. ELUDED is well written and flows well, but I just didn't really connect or empathize very much with the characters. I can't quite put my finger on what was missing for me in this story. I am just going to chalk it up to the fact that not every story is for every reader. 

Lauren falls victim to Abbot, a psychotic sex trafficker. Lauren is a young American who has come to London to be with her fiance. After being devastated by her fiance Lauren's world is irrevocably changed. Lauren is abducted and shoved into a world of nightmares and becomes witness and victim to an evil that is every woman's worst nightmare.

Abbot is a psychopath who has a driving need to take over the underworld of London while extracting his warped sense of revenge on Derrick. Abbot has created a ring of sex slave trafficking right under the nose of the man he once worked for and has now vowed to destroy him. Abbot is a completely unredeemable and sadistic character who very much needs to be stopped. 

Derrick is a man that once believed justice could be achieved through legal means. After losing his sister to an abduction Derrick knew that he was meant to serve and protect the city that he loves, but quickly decides that the means to keeping London safe is more often than not found outside conventional laws.  For Derrick justice isn't meted out in a courtroom but often in the back alleys, basements, and warehouses of places most people never venture into. Vigilante justice and his own sense of right and wrong is what drives Derrick. He's the Dark Knight of London instead of Gotham. However, unlike Batman Derrick doesn't leave his foes alive to face the legal system. 

So why did I not eat this story up? I just don't know. All of the elements are there. A detailed story with a good plot and fully fleshed out characters are all there in ELUDED. There are many reviews from people who absolutely loved this book and I am definitely in the minority on this one. I actually think that I may try to reread this one again after a bit of time has passed and see if I have a different reaction. 

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **


Lives intersect only to be changed indefinitely... 


This isn't your typical girl meets boy.
There isn't a glass slipper or Prince Charming.
I've lived it and now it will be told.
Welcome to my personal hell...


I once saved lives and now... I so easily end them.

Women are drawn to me like a moth to the flame, and like the moth not all of them continue on. Some are broken, others are damaged, and a few never make it out... but it's their decision to live. Only they often don't know that until it's too late.

F*ck the rules, I create my own in a world where I have nothing left to lose. Living is a game, and I'm the reigning champion by being stronger and smarter than my prey.

This is your warning. If you radiate vulnerability... Well, you could be my next victim. Don't try to hide. I'm not easily eluded.


It started with me and now it will end with me. 
Some people call me an uncontrollable killing monster. I f*cking laugh at the mention of the word.
Monsters have no control. 
I've got plenty. 
I don't kill without reason. I don't kill the innocent. 
I hunt the ones that deserve it, the real monsters, the ones without regret or a soul. 

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