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The Sweetest Taboo by Harper Miller Review

THE SWEETEST TABOO was a wonderfully erotic BDSM love story. I'm not overly fond of quick reads, but Miller was able to wrap a complete and thoroughly enjoyable read in under 200 pages. There were no holes in the story, no missing plot, no questions left hanging mid air. THE SWEETEST TABOO is a tightly written and fulfilling contemporary erotic tale that will suck you in and leave you completely satisfied in the end. 

The story is written in a manner that I haven't encountered before and took a bit of getting used to. Personal and proper nouns are capitalized or not according to who is being referred to even in third person. For example when referring to Rick He, His, and Me are always capitalized denoting his Dominant status.Whereas when referring to Micah she, me, my and  her name are always in lower case denoting her submissive status. This rule also extends to the secondary characters if they are part of the D/s lifestyle. 

Micah is a 30 year old professional woman confident in her abilities and sure in what she wants in a personal relationship. Although a submissive, Micah takes control of her wants and needs and will not settle for less than the right Dom to offer the gift of her total submission and trust to. Micah's last long term relationship was with a man who didn't understand or respect her needs and she is determined not to waste more time on a man who is not worthy of receiving what she has to give. When Rick begins to pursue her she is still a bit leery of his intentions and whether or not what he is offering is real. Rick is offering her what she has been longing to have for years, a committed and monogamous long term relationship.  Micah has to decide if she is going to allow insecurities and an abundance of caution to cost her what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to find a partner that is not only interested in supporting her very specialized needs, but revels and thrives in the D/s lifestyle.

Rick is a successful doctor and Dom who has been burned by love and has stepped away from committed long term relationships. However, after his first harrowing interaction with Micah he knows that he has found the woman who will make him reconsider what he wants. What I loved about Rick is that he isn't afraid to aggressively pursue Micah and heeds his instant attraction to her. Micah isn't a leggy, long haired woman that normally grabs his attention and Rick enjoys her differences. 

Things move quickly between Micah and Rick but it feels completely plausible. When Rick tells Micah "I'm looking for her; My obedient vixen, My lover, My friend, My wife, My everything." I was totally sold on him. (Yeah, I'm a sucker but I totally embrace that about myself!) Everything between the two is consensual and done with mutual respect. I very much look forward to more books from Harper Miller and hope that this is just book 1 in a series. There are two secondary characters that would make interesting stories. Micah's best friend Kisa is a submissive on the hunt for her perfect Dom and Rick's friend Josh is a Dominant who's tastes definitely run toward the outer limits of what I will probably be comfortable with. However, after reading THE SWEETEST TABOO I will definitely trust Harper Miller to take me on that journey. If you are looking for a well written and sexy erotic BDSM love story THE SWEETEST TABOO is definitely a winner. This one is going on my favorites list!

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

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New York City, Late Summer 2009

Like many single women who reside in the city that never sleeps, Micah Foster has had numerous encounters with undesirable men that make her want to renounce love. Just when she’s on the verge of calling it quits in her quest to find love and a sustainable relationship with a Dominant man, her friend Kisa requests her company for a girl’s night out at Spanxxx, a local fetish club. Both Kisa and Micah are seasoned submissive players in the BDSM lifestyle. Micah has been involved in the scene since her early twenties, but she has yet to meet a Dominant she meshes with and takes seriously. Now, at age thirty, she continues to search for a connection that repeatedly eludes her. Under duress, she crosses paths with Dominant Rick Thomas. Unusual and dire circumstances bring the pair together, and he’s exactly what Micah has been searching for.

The Sweetest Taboo is aptly titled. It’s an unconventional erotic love story that provides a different perspective of a relationship involving D/s and BDSM. The reader will follow Micah and Rick’s journey from beginning to end. You’ll laugh, you'll be turned on, and most of all, you’ll find yourself cheering for their love.

You’ll laugh, you'll be turned on, and most of all, you’ll find yourself cheering for their love.

*Disclaimer* If rough sex, an interracial pairing (Black woman/White man), D/s, and BDSM are of no interest to you, you should bypass this story. Intended for a mature and kinky audience. Recommended for adults 18+.


“Afternoon.” I shoved My hands down into the pockets of My lab coat before I did something unprofessional. “Are you all ready to go?”

she nodded. “Yes, Dr. Thomas. The nurse brought my discharge papers a few hours ago. i was just packing my stuff before heading out, but i’m glad You stopped by. i wanted to thank You for Your help.

“i can’t tell You how humbled i am by Your act of kindness. You saved my life, and i will be forever grateful,” she said as her eyes darted around the room, looking everywhere but at Me. she shoved a sweater into her bag with less care than she took with her other clothing.

her words were sincere, but for whatever reason, I must have made her nervous, although I wasn’t sure why. she gathered the plastic bag and her purse before quickly brushing past Me and exiting the room.

This was not how I envisioned things going. I increased My pace and caught up with micah at the nurse’s station. It was all or nothing; I only had a few moments to make an impression.

“ms. foster? micah?” I called out. I composed Myself as I approached her.

she slowed her pace, bid farewell to the nurses, then turned in My direction. I jumped at the opportunity, unable to wait a moment longer. “ms. foster, I was hoping to speak with you before you left. Once you signed the discharge papers, the doctor-patient relationship ended. That means I’m no longer your treating physician and you’re no longer My patient. With that said, I have a question I’d like to ask. Please hear Me out. Don’t take this the wrong way . . .”

her facial expression was unreadable, so I continued.

“I’m not trying to be a creep, but I would regret letting you leave today without at least giving this a fair shot. I sincerely apologize if you feel this is inappropriate or too forward, but ms. foster, I’d love your company for a drink or dinner . . . whichever you’d prefer. Will you allow Me to take you out?”

Waiting for her answer seemed to take an eternity. she didn't look at My face; instead her gaze landed  somewhere around the name embroidered on the left breast pocket of My lab coat. her lower lip found its way between her teeth as she stared, apparently deep in thought. In what seemed to be a delayed reaction, she gawked up at My face, clearly surprised by My question.

Was she put off by the entire idea or just caught off guard by My request? Either way, her answer would let Me know which way she was leaning. I just hoped to God she wasn’t leaning toward no.

she finally provided Me a small reprieve. “You want to take me out?”

“Like on a date?”

“Yes,” I replied again.

“i’m sorry, Dr. Thomas, but i don’t date,” she said, dismissing Me as she continued toward the elevators.

Oh, she was going to make this interesting. her flippant attitude bothered the hell out of Me, but I was going to see this through. I quickly followed in an attempt to catch her before the elevator doors opened and she walked out of My life.

All About Harper Miller

Harper Miller is a thirty-something native New Yorker. She’s traveled the world and lived in a variety of places but always finds her way back to the Big Apple.

A lackluster love life leaves time to explore new interests, for Harper it is writing. The Sweetest Taboo is her debut novel. In her mind the perfect Alpha male possesses intellect, humor, and a kinky streak that rivals the size of California.

When she isn’t writing, Harper utilizes her graduate degree in the field of medical research. She enjoys fitness-related activities, drinking copious amounts of wine, and going on bad dates.

I write because book boyfriends are AWESOME! #singleindieauthorproblems

You can also send me a friend request on Facebook. I love befriending fans! 

 Random fun facts about Harper

1. I enjoy porn. *bow chica wow wow*

2. I was a professional Dominatrix for a spell. They say write what you know! 

3. I'm a pop culture junkie! You'll see a few pop culture references in my novel. I'm full of useless pop culture information and was once a semi-finalist on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time! #teamAngel

5. My favorite movies are: Purple Rain, Desperately Seeking Susan, A Fish Called Wanda, and The Crow 

6. I still watch cartoons. Jem and the Holograms is my favorite. It's truly, truly, truly outrageous. 

7. I wrote The Sweetest Taboo because I wanted to see an Alpha hero that wasn't a douche! A lot of tales involving BDSM tend to make the hero hard nosed and unlikeable. Rick Thomas completely tosses that ideology aside. He's physically attractive, sensitive, direct, and he's looking for the perfect sub. 

8. I went to Catholic school most of my life hehe. The bad girl was always waiting to come out.

9. I hate rollercoasters.

10. I loveeeee to read and I've missed reading these past few months. My favorite authors are Zadie Smith, Toni Morrison, Octavia Butler, Tess Gerritsen, and Nicci French.

 Where to find Harper 

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