Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Battaglia Mafia Series by Sienna Mynx ON SALE!

One of my favorite authors. Sienna Mynx has put her Battaglia Mafia Series on sale for 99 cents each for two days only-December 24th & 25th! If you are a romance fan, not just an IR romance fan, this is a wonderful series to get hooked on! If you enjoy family drama, Mafia crime families, and complexly layered stories that also just happen to have as the main focus of the story two strong willed people you will enjoy the Battaglia Maffia series. Gio is a stubborn and strong willed Don who is used to getting whatever he wants and isn't afraid to use a heavy hand in making things happen. Mira is a confident and ambitious clothing designer who has decided to make Italy the base of her design business that is rocketing to success. You can read my review of DESTINO here!

If you haven't read these do yourself a favor grab these books while they are the cheapest that I have ever seen them. I'm positive that this won't happen again for a while! If you've read them, but have a friend who enjoys romance this would be a great way to introduce someone to the IR genre. Mynx is a quality writer with a gift for storytelling! I know that I am gushing about this series and I have been not been compensated in any way for this plug! I just love this series and hope that others will fall in love with it to! The next book in the series AMORE is due to be released sometime in early 2015. There's no set date yet, but I'm keeping my eye out!

Happy Reading!

Battaglia Mafia Series

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