Friday, January 2, 2015

Elah's Plaything (Playthings Book 3) by Lydia Rowan Review

ELAH'S PLAYTHING is a well written IR romance with diverse characters and a good flow. I found myself annoyed with almost every character in this one at one time or another! Being annoyed isn't a bad thing in this case, it just means that Rowan created a story that got me involved as it unfolded. It was one of those times when you wish that you could give a fictional character a good shake. The annoyance with Elah was because he was just being what he is. A demanding, aloof and high handed man who is determined to exact vengeance on Lottie's father even at the expense of innocent people. Lottie's father because he is a weak, dishonest, and selfish man willing to sacrifice his own daughter to cover his butt. Lottie's mother because she claims to be concerned for her only daughter's welfare but she doesn't really go up against her husband when she finds out that Lottie is now married to a stranger and her husband just stood back and allowed it to happen. She allows what happens to Lottie to stand because she doesn't want her husband's reputation to be tarnished. Say what now? I would have threatened to go public with all of his shenanigans myself! I can't understand a mother who allows her husband to barter their daughter away and only get a little huffy about it all. Lottie even earned my irritation by allowing herself to be used by her father. I understand wanting to protect her father who has always been the man in her life that she admired, but at some point you have to call a spade a spade. Lottie is definitely more naive than is good for her. She is in her 30's and not a young girl with no life experience. I wanted her to be a bit more savvy than she was. 

I liked that Elah isn't a gorgeous billionaire but is a self made and realistically successful man. He's not a heart stopping classically handsome man. His appeal all stems from his confidence, power, and determination which I liked a lot. 

Although there is definitely somewhat descriptive sex scenes you don't get it until almost halfway into the story. This is where my only real complaint in this story comes from. Lottie goes from sexually inexperienced to a somewhat adventurous woman initiating an act that many experienced women wouldn't attempt the way that she did. I felt that was a bit out of character for Lottie's personality. When Lottie and Elah finally begin to come together the story wraps up pretty quickly. 

Although ELAH'S PLAYTHING is book 3 in the PLAYTHINGS series it is a stand alone story and that's how I read it. This was my first book by Lydia Rowan and I will definitely be giving her other works a try. 

Happy Reading!

**I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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