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The Good Sister Part 2 by London Saint James Review

The conclusion of THE GOOD SISTER is a tension filled erotic New Adult romance. In part 2 we get to see the relationship between Trinity and Ashton develop further. Ashton's family, with the exception of Ashton's mother, causes trouble for their burgeoning love. While Trinity starts to come more into her own as a young woman. Reid has to acknowledge his demons as well as the fact that Trinity has taken his advice and found love with someone other than him. 

Overall I enjoyed the conclusion of Trinity's story, but as with part 1 the dialogue feels out of place for the modern setting. They way that people speak to each other feels more suited to a historical romance novel. However, the erotic scenes and the descriptive language used during the love scenes are very much in modern language. 

Kitty Barclay again does an excellent job with narration. Each character feels separate and distinct. THE GOOD SISTER PART 2 is an enjoyable conclusion to a well developed and interesting story. There were many times during this story that I held my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. There where many things that could go wrong and what did wasn't what I exactly expected, but I was very pleased with the twist Saint James provided. 

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Trinity Lane Winslow stepped out of her fantasy world and into the real one on a quest to obtain the object of her desire—Reid Addison. The pursuit led her to the infamous Madam Jacqueline Claudette Rousseau, the man she craved, and the debonair Lord Archer, the man who offered what she really longed for—love.

When Reid revealed his dark side, he knew he’d sealed his fate and pushed Trinity into the waiting arms of Lord Archer. Can he live with his decision?

Lord Archer would do anything for his beautiful Trinity, but is he strong enough to hold onto her with all that conspire against them?



What do people have to say about The Good Sister Series?

1.       “A series you won’t soon forget.”

2.      “I adored the good sister part one, trinity’s story captivated me as soon as it started but this second part is totally different but impressive as well.”

3.      “Erotic, romantic, funny, sad and smexy! Words escape me on how great this is!”

4.      “Loved 1&2 a beautiful love story with a twist.”

5.      "The Good Sister - Part One is an astronomical piece of contemporary erotic romance that will suck you in from page one and hold you there long after you should've turned the lights out for the evening."

6.      “The Good Sister – Part Two is the perfect ending to this erotic Cinderella story.”

7.      “The love between Lord Archer and Trinity is heartwarming.”

8.     “This two-part Cinderella story has a great ending to it.

9.      “The Good Sister: Part One - I am blown away by this book. I was drawn in from the beginning by this wounded girl and the man she fell for.  It was a journey of the soul.”

10.  “The Good Sister: Part Two -Wow! I really loved this book just as much as the first part. Just as emotional and intense, it is the perfect continuation. Trinity continues to grow and mature. The love she shares with Ashton (Lord Archer) is soul wrenching.”



London Saint James has lived in many places, but never felt “at home” until she met the real-life man of her dreams and settled down in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. London lives with her husband and their fat cat who thinks he owns them.
As an award-winning, bestselling, multi-published author, London is living her childhood dream. She knew all the scribbling she did, that big imagination of hers, and all those clamoring characters running around in her head would pay off someday.

You can also e-mail London with any questions or comments at She loves to hear from her readers.

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