Friday, January 9, 2015

Sam Cheever Guest Post

 Sam Cheever is one of the authors that I am determined to read in 2015. She has a large catalog of diverse books that I am looking forward to diving into. If you are looking for a writer who enjoys encompassing multicultural characters in her stories you should visit her listing on Goodreads and prepare yourself to expand your want to read list! Cheever writes both contemporary and paranormal romance so there's a variety of stories to choose from. 

Her latest release is AN APOCALYPTIC NEED and is book 3 in the Apocalyptic Series.  Thank you to Sam for providing the 20 Fun Facts!

Sam Cheever Series

Dancin' With the Devil
Honeybun Hunks 
Honeybun Cousins
Gods of Love
Halloween Love
The Monad Chronicles
Yesterday's Paranormal Mysteries

Happy Reading!

About Sam Cheever

20 Fun Facts you might not have known about Sam!

1. I rescue dogs and have 13 of the furry little bugs living in the house with me. (Okay, some of them aren't so little!)

2. I'm highly, madly, insanely competitive. I am. Yes I am. 

3. I have a pond with a fountain in my yard. I love sitting outside and listening to it. 

4. I'm a serious Type A personality (see 2 above)

5. I'm only 5'3" but I'm the tallest of the 3 sisters in my family. #:0) Oh, and, I thought I was only 5'2" until recently, when my bossy older sister insisted we all measure ourselves. I'm so glad she did because I learned I was taller than her! Bwahahaha

6. When my mom and sisters and I get together to play a game it becomes a contact sport…no matter what it is. Tackle Monopoly anybody? 

7. I’m an incorrigible homebody and I don’t like to go on vacations. 

8. When I get a great review or sell a lot of books I do a stupid little dance in my chair. Think Elaine on Seinfeld. Not good. 

9. My single favorite indulgence is potatochipsfrenchfriescookiescakepiehotfudgesundaespancakeswaffleschocolatepopcorn. See, only one! That’s not bad, right?

10. I once tackled my brother in tackle kickball and then remembered he had a heart condition. Oops! (see numbers 2 and 6 above)

11. I was a wonderful mother when my kids were growing up. But now that I’m an empty nester, I’m a little selfish with my time. I feel slightly guilty about that. 

12. I suffer just a little…a tad…a teensy bit…(raginguncontrolledfulminating) with OCD over bathrooms and porcelain. 

13. I read or have read and enjoyed most if not all genres at some time in my reading career. 

14. Here’s a riddle for you. My name is actually my name, but it’s not really my name. Can you solve it?

15. I often worry the FBI will pick me up because of the stuff I Google. LOL What did writers do before the Internet?

16. I once killed a guy and buried him under my hydrangeas. 

17. I lie on a regular basis. (see number 16 above) Hey, It’s good practice for my writing! LOL

18. If I were only seven feet tall, I’d be skinny. Truth. 

19. In my previous life I was either a dachshund or a Friesian. They both think they need to eat all the time and they stay chunky even if they don’t eat. 

20. I’m an extremely good judge of character. I can smell insincerity a mile away. 

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