Monday, March 16, 2015

Amore (Battaglia Mafia Series Book 5) by Sienna Mynx Review

Where does one start when singing the praises of the goodness that is AMORE? There's so much drama filled awesomeness in this one that I just can't contain my excitement. I'm still riding my Battaglia high and I finished the book last night. Mynx delivers her usual take no prisoners style of writing. The Battaglia's are back in full force and each and every member of the Battaglia family is immersed in his or her own personal dramas that will impact every other member. There are moments of "Please don't do it", "Whaaaat?", "Oh, no (s)he didn't", and of course the inevitable "That was SO hot".

I can't even admit to my favorite parts because they are ALL spoilery! But as I thought about what this story is really about this morning I came to the conclusion that this installment is all about touchstones at it's core. That one person or thing that always brings you back to center and provides comfort no matter what is happening in the outside world. For the main couple Gio and Mira it's first and foremost their love for each other. Gio needs Mira to help him rein in his impulsive and overly aggressive reactions. For Mira Gio is her safe harbor. The person she knows loves her deeply and completely. Mira has now figured out how to keep Gio's love from being overly controlling and completely consuming her. Their love for their children and their large connected family also drives them to do whatever necessary to keep everyone safe. 

Lorenzo has found his touchstone in Mari. A perfect match for his wild, ambitious, and volatile personality. Mari won't put up with anything from Lorenzo and their trust in each other is greatly tested. Dominic and Catalina are each growing into their own roles in the family. As they move into their future together temptations and challenges will either make or break their relationship. We also get a better glimpse into Carlo's personal and constant hell. His desire to have a family of his own leads to even more pain for him. His storyline is breaking my heart and I hope that he gets what will prove to be a beginning path to some kind of peace and happiness for him. 

The villains that have been lurking in the shadows are back and everyone is being tested. Family secrets are further revealed, alliances made, love tested, death, mayhem, devastation, and disaster all run rampant in AMORE. In between all of the craziness that unfolds love and passion is plentiful and often. Mynx knows how to bring the well written erotic romance and those scenes are smoking hot which for me is nothing but a bonus. 

If you enjoy an expansive and engrossing romantic saga with plenty of drama you really can't go wrong with this series! AMORE may now be my new favorite book in this series and it will without a doubt be going on my list of favorite reads! 

Happy Reading!


In the spring of 1994 the fashion would awaits the return of the reclusive designer Mirabella Battaglia. Many have speculated for years about the torrid love affair between their fallen star and the world’s most notorious crime boss Don Giovanni Battaglia. 

Mirabella is overjoyed. She has it all, a husband who loves her, a new sisterhood with her long lost twin, healthy children and a loving family that supports her. Now is the time to reclaim her passion for designing. Giovanni loves his wife, and though her reemergence into the fashion world would expose them to the risks of fame and celebrity he willingly makes the sacrifice. Nothing is more important than his Bella’s dreams. 

However, a very dangerous enemy lurks in the shadows. He has watched Mirabella’s life blossom with seething hatred and envy. He wants the woman and life he thinks was stolen from him, and he is prepared to burn the Battaglia dynasty to the ground to have her again. Secrets, plots of revenge, and lies infiltrate the Battaglia family. The destruction and pain left behind is catastrophic and can only be healed by true love. But will Giovanni and Mirabella learn that lesson too late? 

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