Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hate F*@k: Part Two by Ainsley Booth Review

I am having a hard time even writing a review for this part of the Hate Fuck serial. First, I can't believe that I am reading this in pieces because I am such an impatient reader but this is SO FREAKING GOOD! The story is great, the sex is hot, and I can't review without giving crap away. So all that I am going to say is that I am embracing the sweet sweet torture of loving part 2 and having to wait for part 3 to get the conclusion. Everything that I would write is spoilery so I am not even going to attempt to write an in depth review. All I can say is Hailey I'm pulling for you girl! But Ainsley you got me all kinds of messed up!

Happy Reading!

You can read my review of Part 1 here!

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