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Unraveled (Mastered #3) by Lorelei James Review

UNRAVELED provides an interesting take on how a strong willed and otherwise fairly dominant man can also be submissive to the right Domme. Although Shiori proves to be a dominant and self assured woman she does not have it all. Being a part of a very wealthy family brings with it it's own set of problems and insecurities. After a bad and loveless marriage Shiori discovers a way to be in control as well as sexually fulfilled by becoming Mistress B. By embracing and expressing herself as a Domme Shiori not only finds fulfillment for herself, but she feels that she provides a positive outlet for the submissives that she plays with. However, Shiori doesn't take on long term submissives and she is not looking for a long term commitment. That is until she begins a tentative relationship with Knox. Although she sees in Knox a submissive streak that many, including Knox, did not recognize she doesn't try to force him to be what he himself isn't ready to embrace. I LOVED that James made Shiori that way. Instead of trying to brow beat Knox, Shiori simply explains what she sees in him, why she feels that he could possibly embrace relinquishing control to her sexually, and allows Knox to come to terms with it at his own pace and in his own way. 

Knox doesn't want to see the submissive traits in himself that he knows deep down inside are there. Knox has perfected the hard nosed, physically dominating, and aggressive persona that has served him so well in the world of martial arts.  Knox can't quite grasp right away how a man so in control and dominant outside of the bedroom, who also enjoys some control in the bedroom, can also enjoy giving total control over to someone else. By being open to Shiori and her gentle and gradual exposure to submission Knox is able to let go. Knox discovers that submitting and wanting to please Shiori first comes with an incredible freedom and greater pleasure than he could have ever imagined before. Knox learns the pleasure and even peace that can be had when he is able to trust someone else enough to take control and take care of his needs.

UNRAVELED is a wonderfully erotic and sometimes tempestuous journey of two people learning to trust each other in many different and difficult ways. If you are looking for a D/s romance that feels more like the telling of a realistic relationship with the added twist of a Domme being in charge UNRAVELED is a refreshing break from the typical erotic BDSM story. Well written, emotionally engaging and satisfying to the end UNRAVELED didn't disappoint. 

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.** 


Shiori Hirano and Knox Lofgren are left to run the martial arts program at Black Arts while Ronin Black travels. On the surface, the two highest ranked belts appear to cooperate—but in private, they butt heads constantly, despite the undeniable attraction between them. Soon their power exchanges start to make for a sweltering dynamic in the bedroom…

At first Knox is shocked to be living out his submissive desires, but Shiori sets out to prove that embracing his true sexual nature doesn’t make him a weak man. But even while their sexual relationship grants him a power and fulfillment he finds surprising, there’s no training regimen for the fight that comes with loving a strong woman…


Shiori moved to his other ear. One hand gripped his hair while
the other clamped onto his ass cheek. “The other choice is you on
your knees with that pouty mouth all over my pussy.”
“Look at me,” she said softly.
His lust-clouded
eyes met hers.
“Make me come so hard my knees give out. Then pick me up
and do it again.”
“A man like you?” 
“A man who finds beauty in a woman secondary to her strength.
You have both in equal measure. So you tempt me beyond anything
I’ve ever experienced.”
“I changed my mind. I don’t give a damn about your sexual
past when you’re responding to my touch so beautifully.” She blew
in his ear. “A cliché for sure, but your body is my wonderland.”.
Shiori’s palms smoothed over his cheeks, and she tipped his
head back to look at him. “You did well.”
“It was all for you.”
“Now it’s your turn.” She brushed her lips across his. “Ask me.”
“Please, Nushi, let me come.”
“Come for me now.”

I’ve never craved a woman like I do you.” He groaned
and briefly closed his eyes. “I’m sitting here on my knees, my ass
stinging, knowing I’ve got more punishment in store, and my dick
is getting hard just imagining being with you again.”

The man worshipped her body with every caress, every
kiss, every stuttered breath. And yet he gave her total control. He
didn’t rock his hips or thrust up into her. He let her fuck him. That
surrender made this connection all the more powerful.

Warm lips trailed down her spine, and strong hands dug into
her hips. “One of these days I’m gonna map every muscle in your
back with my mouth. You’re so strong, and that is so fucking sexy.”

Lightning fast she wrapped her hand beneath his jaw and jerked
his face up. “Taking care of you is my responsibility, Knox. That
includes commanding you to get turned on, getting you off, cleaning
you up, and making sure you don’t do something stupid in the

“Come into my lair, my sweet,” she murmured
against his lips, “and we’ll have us some kinky fun.”
You are alive and here with me, and
there’s no way I’ll ever be able to let you go. Not because you’re my
Mistress, but because you’re the woman I love. The woman I’ve
waited for my entire life.”
Shiori trapped his face in her hands and kissed him. “I didn’t
think I could love you more than I already do, but I was wrong.”
Another kiss. “Please get off your knees and hold me.”

About the Author

Lorelei James is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary erotic western romances set in the modern day Wild West and also contemporary erotic romances.

Lorelei's books have been nominated for and won the Romantic Times Reviewer's choice Award, as well as the CAPA Award. Lorelei lives in western South Dakota with her family...and a whole closet full of cow girl boots.


  1. I've only read one other book where the male was submissive and I enjoyed it a lot. And I like that she din't push or as you said brow beat him into being her submissive. Great review Monica...I'm going to have to check this out ;)


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