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Gods & Monsters (Scorpio Stinger MC #3) by Jani Kay Review

Jani Kay didn't waste a single sentence in this little gem of a biker story. Cobra's and Mia's story is tightly and seductively told. There isn't a ton of sex in this one, but there is plenty of love, passion, and emotion conveyed. 
Cobra is faced with an enemy that he has fought against his entire life, his twin brother Daemon. Daemon has always felt less than when compared to his brother and because of his jealousy and insecurity he lashes out at everyone around him, but most especially against Cobra. When Cobra finds everything that he could ever want in Mia Daemon naturally wants to destroy any happiness between them. 
Mia is a much stronger woman than anyone knows. She has carried a secret that is dramatically revealed. The secret threatens the happiness that she has managed to build with Cobra. In GODS & MONSTERS we get to see Mia's beginning with Cobra as well as what lengths Mia will have to go through to keep her happily ever after when the unforgivable happens. 

If you enjoy having a bit of agony along with your romance then GODS & MONSTERS will give you a bite of pain along with your ecstasy! Pain, betrayal, a psychotic family member, and love triumphant are all packed into GODS & MONSTERS. This is one of the few times where I did not feel even a little disappointed that a story was told in such a short book. This short story covered a lot of ground and provided a lot of satisfaction!
Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**


 I never look in a mirror. I don’t need to. If I want to see what I look like, I just look at my twin. Daemon and I are identical in every way — from the outside. That’s where it ends.
Born five minutes after me, my brother hates that he came second. It irks him that I breathed life into my lungs first. Ever since he’s been trying to steal everything I have. Everything I love.
To own it first.
Until the day I, Cobra Malone, become president of the Scorpio Stinger MC. I throw him out like the garbage he is. Rotten filth won’t be able to taunt me any longer.
How wrong I am.
Evil knows no barriers. It stops at nothing. It won’t rest until it gets what it wants. And he wants what is mine. MINE. He wants my woman. My air. My reason for living.
I’ll die before I let him take Mia from me.
Will this be a battle to the end? Till the last man is left standing?
When two wills this strong clash, there will be chaos . . . and blood.
Who will win? The God or The Monster?


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Meet Jani Kay

Jani has been married for a long time to a special man, and her two children and their partners are the sunshine in her life. She is a voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book - always fascinated that for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see through someone else's eyes.

Besides reading, her favorite 'thing' is traveling - she has traveled the world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that no matter where we live, we all ultimately want the same things. Her hobby - Scrapbooking - keeps her up till way after midnight and her usual subjects are her family and her travels.

Ever since she can remember, Jani wanted to write stories about people, about their lives and loves. Relationships and Happiness - arguably the most difficult things to master in life and yet exactly what everyone ultimately desires (in her humble opinion).

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  1. Hi Monica, I do enjoy it when the characters can go through a bit of agony before they get their happily ever after. Sounds like a great read.

    1. This is a great biker series-I hope that you give it a try!


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