Monday, April 27, 2015

Loved by You (Found by You #2) by Victoria H. Smith Review

I enjoyed book 1 of this series, FOUND BY YOU, but I loved LOVED BY YOU. With that being said, I will now attempt to review this book without even mild spoilers. But it's going to be difficult for me, but here we go. 

The way that Smith transitions Griff and Roxie from college into adult life complicated by fame, family, and growing up in general is wonderful. There are very few New Adult romance series that hook me in and keep me because I am not into self inflicted angst and that is what I have mostly run into in this genre. However Smith takes two very likable and believable characters, gives them flaws, strengths, secrets, and complications that are relatable and then proceeds to weave an engrossing story around them. 

In LOVED BY YOU we get a wonderful example of how family, even those members of your family who don't share blood with you, will be there to support and encourage you when things get hard. Even when Griff isn't quite living up to what he can be with Roxie she isn't alone and is supported. Roxie's issues are deep and long reaching and she is struggling to get a hold on who she is, what she wants to be, and how she will grow into her role as an independent and capable woman in an environment that doesn't necessarily support that. 

The secondary characters are so important as well as entertaining in LOVED BY YOU. I really hope Griff's brother's get their own books as well. Because yeah, that's some entertainment just waiting to happen right there! Although Griff and Roxie are the center of LOVED BY YOU their family and friends are just as interesting. Griff's father and brothers, Roxie's mother and her struggles, as well as Roxie's and Griff's own personal struggles are all blended together to make for a great story. Boy, I came close to spoilers there but I made it through without one! 

LOVEDBY YOU will be going on my favorites list. I can definitely see myself rereading this series. LOVED BY YOU embodies everything that I want in a satisfying read. Well developed characters with realistic problems along with a storyline that will take the reader through a gamut of emotions are all found in this series. Quality writing and endearing characters that I can't help but care about makes this one an all out winner for me. 

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**


The world moves with him…

Griffin Chandler.

He’s on his own wavelength, creator of his own destiny. He took that drive and accomplished his dreams on the court. He made the world see him, adore him as much as I do.

And he adores me too. He does so through the good, the bad, and even the very worst that causes me to lose myself. He found me once, though. In a way, I also found him too, but am I strong enough to keep him?

Is he strong enough to keep me?

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