Friday, April 17, 2015

Seduced by Mr. Right (The Morretti Millionaires #4) by Pamela Yaye Review

Unfortunately this was just an okay read for me. I like for the heroes to really stand up for their heroines and Emilio didn't live up to what I wanted from him. Although Emilio suffers a terrible loss, blames himself, and suffers through a self imposed punishment by retreating from the world I just couldn't  muster a lot of empathy for him. His character just felt a bit flat for me. Sharleen is supposed to be a self assured and confident woman who as a life coach helps others guide their lives when things get rough. I didn't really see so much of that, especially when it came to dealing with work place situations that should have been resolved better than it was. Sharleen had a lot of inner dialogue that didn't translate into any kind of real action on her part. SEDUCED BY MR. RIGHT is well written and I was able to read through it fairly quickly. However, I did not enjoy the story as much as I had hoped. 

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**


His life shattered by tragedy, Emilio Morretti stunned the world when he walked away from his fabulous career. The reclusive Atlanta race car legend isn't looking for redemption or romance when he meets Sharleen Nichols. But the life coach's infectious zeal for life is starting to make him feel like a winner again. 

Haunted by her own painful secret, Sharleen can't let her attraction to her celebrity client affect her professional judgment—or her heart. But with his charm and dashing good looks, Emilio is impossible to resist. And a weekend getaway to Miami only fuels the flames of their passion. Are they ready to trust their feelings and put the past behind them? Or will an exploding media scandal and an enemy's vengeful agenda destroy the happiness finally within their reach?


  1. ugh...don't like when characters don't live up to what their potential could turn out to be in a story :(

    1. I know! I was hoping that I would really enjoy this one.


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