Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm taking today to spend with the family and get some organizing done. I'm going to get my summer reading list made so that I may have a fighting chance of actually READING some of the books languishing away in my Kindle. Yes, I'm one of THOSE people! I love to make lists-I get great satisfaction in crossing things off! My Kindle is stuffed with hundreds of books that have yet to see the light of day.  Therefore an afternoon shifting through my Kindle is needed but also has me excited to rediscover what is on it that I have forgotten about. It's sad, I know, but I fully embrace my inner nerd! 

Happy Reading!


  1. Right there with you! I've actually taken a break from writing and social media to interact with the world and catch up with my Kindle this weekend! LOL how nice it has been to actually interact with people instead of my laptop. My Kindle is happy to see me for an extended period of time. Happy Reading Monica!

    1. You have been working hard Harper! Enjoy your break-but don't take too long! You know I'll need another erotic fix from you sometime in the near future! He he he!


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