Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One in Waiting (Den of Sin 20) by Holley Trent Review

The only thing that could bring Emilie back home to the family that she felt turned their backs on her are true family emergencies. With her uncle's stay in the hospital Emilie is lured home but she has no plans to stick around for any sort of family reunion. Unable to escape fast enough after hearing that her uncle would survive, Emilie is hit with a double whammy. An unwanted and uncomfortable reunion with her older brother followed quickly by running into the one man she hoped to never see again; Leary.

Leary has led a much different life than what he imagined at 18 when he fell in love with Emilie. Being forced to give up what he hadn't even initially known he had, Leary is just as angry and hurt by Emilie as she is with him. However, unlike Emilie Leary has not cut himself off from romantic relationships and commitment. What he has found with Ren has made him happy but their relationship isn't exactly the way they want it to be. Emilie may be the missing piece that Leary and Ren didn't even realize they needed. 

To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect when I started ONE IN WAITING. I knew that it would be a full on erotic read and I was not wrong. There's M/M  and M/M/F sex and there's also elements of BDSM. However, I was pleasantly surprised that there is a real story surrounding all of the very descriptive sex. ONE IN WAITING contains real and relatable emotions along with a full and complete story all packed into a shorter read. 

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**



A Den of Sin Season 4 MMF romance novel. 

Seventeen years ago, beautiful blueblood Emilie Beaudelaire left New Orleans carrying a dirty little secret that could have sullied her family’s pristine reputation. At thirty-three, she’s content with her quiet life on her Texas ranch and the solitude that residence in the middle of nowhere brings her. When her uncle has a brush with death, she returns home, reluctantly, to lend her support…only to come face to face with the man half responsible for her leaving in the first place. It would seem the baseball team her big brother Henri sponsors has a blast from her past on its roster, and that man has never forgiven her for how she left.

The Reedsville Roosters’ first baseman Leary Marshall last heard from his high school sweetheart via a stack of paperwork sent by her family’s lawyers. Running into Emilie after so many years at her family’s hotel rips open old wounds…but reignites former passions, too. As if things aren’t complicated enough, Leary’s been in a committed relationship to his cowboy right fielder Ren Thompson for a year. He loves Ren, but Emilie’s allure as “the one who got away” is impossible to ignore.

When the sometime-dominatrix Emilie turns out to be a convenient teacher for Ren’s BDSM curiosity, Leary wonders if it’s possible the three of them could each have it all. They could make a perfectly balanced trio, but first, Emilie has to accept that being a Beaudelaire means scandal at every turn—and that the cause of her newest one may be the perfect cure for what ails her.


  1. ALL OF THE YES! LOL I can't wait to read this!!!


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