Friday, June 19, 2015

Biker's Librarian (Lords of Mayhem #1) by Shyla Colt Review

I was very excited to pick up BIKER'S LIBRARIAN because it checks a lot of boxes for me. Somewhat nerdy girl who meets and enthralls a hot biker who's active in an MC. Said girl finds herself in a bit of danger and the bad ass biker will become her shield and protector. AND on top of all that it's an IR read? Yes, ma'am sign me up and please take my money! 

That is basically what is served up in BIKER'S LIBRARIAN, however there was just something missing for me. The writing is not bad and the story is pretty straight forward but there just wasn't the page turning all engrossing sense of tension that I would have enjoyed. I also have to mention that there are editing hiccups that when paying a higher eBook price I don't expect to see.

Juliette and Shooter are quickly attracted to one another and I don't mind that at all. The thing that may be the problem for me is that Shooter seemed a bit too in touch with his feelings and what he wants from Juliette. I know it's crazy but I like it when the big bad alpha is brought to his knees and it's not an easy fall. There was also the feeling that some part of the story was missing, that there could have been more action to fill in the spaces. I would have liked a little more background with Juliette's ex and I would have liked the MC element to have played a bigger role in the drama that was unfolding. 

I didn't dislike BIKER'S LIBRARIAN, it just wasn't a home run for me. I'm not giving up on Shyla Colt's writing and there were some nice moments in this story. There are other titles that I would like to give a try and I'm hoping that I will have a better connection next time.

Happy Reading!


Good girl. Bookworm. Wallflower. Juliette’s been called all of them, and never protested. But every now and then she wants to be daring and adventurous and sexy. A night out with the girls presents just the opportunity Juliette’s been looking for.

Undeniably sexy, Shooter hits all of Juliette’s hot buttons—and as a member of a local biker gang, rings more than a few of her warning bells.

One scorching-hot night of sex has Juliette coming back for more. Shooter is everything she’s ever daydreamed about. Before she realizes it, Juliette’s in deep. Having hot, exciting sex is one thing, but falling in love is something else entirely and an experience Juliette isn’t sure she wants. But Shooter isn’t the only dangerous man in Juliette’s life. As the past comes rushing back to haunt her and the future starts to turn dark, Juliette has to choose—fall back into old habits or trust her heart and the man who holds it. 


  1. her books are always a hit or miss for me. I've added this one to my wishlist though...cuz the price is just a bit to much. Great review Monica!

    1. Thanks Sharonda! I hate that I wasn't head over heels for this one. I look forward to reading what you think when you get around to it.

  2. Very good review. Like you said, for that price, I'd expect rop-notch editing. I'm still gonna read it though.

    1. I look forward to reading your take on this one!


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