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Tattooed Hearts (Martha's Way #3) by Mika Jolie Review & Martha's Way Series

Claire had quite a few things that made her different from the people she grew up with. Claire is the biracial daughter of the housekeeper for Jason's wealthy parents. Although Claire isn't a part of the family she found a supportive and caring father figure in the form of Jason's father. Being the daughter of the housekeeper while growing up never made her feel less than or neglected in her circle of friends. Claire formed real and lasting friendships with Jason, Adam, Blake, and Forrest despite being the only girl in the group. They all considered her a little sister and treated her with affection and protection. However, for Claire, Forrest also becomes the man that she gives her heart to whether he is willing to accept it or not.  After years of waiting and wanting Claire and Forrest finally have an opportunity to find some happiness together. An overheard conversation, insecurities, and a misplaced desire to not hold back the person you love ruins it all. Claire feels that maybe she isn't deserving of Forrest's affections despite what he has told and shown her. With all of her issues in mind Claire is determined to prove herself. 

 Forrest grew into the kind of man who knew his place in the world, how he fits into it, and is happy, for the most part, with his life. The one person that he tried not to love, then waited for, broke his heart. He manages to remain a good man and continues on with his life despite missing the piece that was torn from him when Claire left. Forrest is blindsided when betrayal and lies turn his world upside down. 

TATTOOED HEARTS is hands down my favorite book in the MARTHA'S WAY series. Jolie has managed to bring an even greater sense of emotional connection and sense of fated love with Forrest and Claire. That is saying a lot considering books 1 and 2 featured couples whom I very much felt were destined for each other. TATTOOED HEARTS is yet another enjoyable and well written contemporary romance by Mika Jolie that I am sure to revisit again and again. If you are looking for well written contemporary romances with the added bonus of diversity in both character and personalities then the MARTHA'S WAYS SERIES is definitely one to dive into. Although this is a series each book is a complete story focusing solely on an individual couple and can be read as a standalone and out of order which how I read them. 

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Being someone’s first love is unforgettable. Being their last is immeasurable.   Claire Peters should be on top of the world. She owns the radio waves and has a budding movie career. But her heart longs to be rooted. Ten years ago, she fled Martha's Vineyard to pursue her dream and to make something of herself. But there’s still a void. After a decade of running, she returns to the island hoping to find her happiness with the man she’s loved all her life.   When a tragic event shatters Dr. Forrest Desvareaux’ well-balanced world, the Vineyard’s hometown good guy discovers everything in his life is based on lies. Angry and betrayed, he turns to Claire - the one woman who has indelibly marked him.   Is it possible to run back to the person who broke you? Forever linked, Forrest and Claire are an unending continuum. But she’s a wildflower and Forrest’s roots run deep on the Vineyard. Can they accept home is not a place but a feeling?  

Title: The Scale (Martha's Way Series, #1)
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2014



Twenty-seven year old, African-American, Minka Greene has to endure watching her twin sister marry the man she loves. Her weight is up, and her confidence is down. Not exactly the ideal time to meet the real man of her dreams. The Scale opens in Martha’s Vineyard with Minka attending Keely and Blake’s engagement party at Martha’s Way, the beautiful inn owned and operated by the tall, blond, tattooed man with the piercing blue eyes. It just so happens Jason Montgomery is also Blake’s childhood friend and the best man. Dealing with a whirl of emotions, Minka faints in Jason’s arms. When she wakes up naked in Jason’s bed after a night of passion, the Vineyard confirmed bachelor struggling with his own demons and the woman filled with self-doubt and pining for another man are joined in an experience that will change their lives. The Scale is the first book of the Martha’s Way series    

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Title: Need You Now (Martha's Way Series, #2)
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 19, 2014



Elementary school teacher Liliana Serrano has never been one to let others determine her future. Whether it’s her pack of three overly protective brothers or her Puerto-Rican, American heritage, she stands on her own. Which is exactly how she entered her arrangement with Adam Aquilani. The hot formula one driver is aloof, detached and not interested in relationship. After a cheating fiancĂ©, no strings attached sex was just what she needed. Except one year later, they’re still hooking up and things aren’t so clear cut anymore. Especially when a surprise pregnancy enters the picture. Adam is determined to marry Lily and raise their child as a family. But Lily refuses to settle for anything less than love. As the two go on a journey of discovering, secrets are revealed, testing the strength of their connection. Can they learn not to give the past the power to define their future?

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