Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blissful Summer by Cheris Hodges & Lisa Marie Perry Review

  MAKE YOU MINE AGAIN by Cheris Hodges is a second chance at love romance featuring two very stubborn people. Bradley and Jansen both are too prideful to make the first move and admit that they still have feelings for each other even though it's obvious to everyone else. Drawn back together because of Bradley's sister's wedding who just so happens to also be Jansen's best friend they won't be able to completely avoid one another. In this short read we get to see whether or not the love that Jansen and Bradley shared can overcome hurt feelings, jealousy, and misunderstandings. MAKE YOU MINE AGAIN is a quick and enjoyable read. 

UNRAVELED by Lisa Marie Perry is an interesting twist on not looking to the past to validate who you are today. Ona Tracy was the lone African American girl in a prestigious high school. Ona always felt like an outsider who had to work extra hard to fit in and be accepted by her peers. After years of missteps and mistakes Ona feels that she has a chance to prove herself a success by coordinating and hosting a cruise for her class reunion. A mistake is made and she has booked her hoity–toity classmates on an erotic cruise instead of the luxury cruise that she expected. Ona now has to face the ridicule of her classmates, the lost chance of making an impression on the one boy that she crushed hard on in high school, as well as the unexpected loss of the one classmate that she could depend on. Ona finds an unexpected ally in Riker who is more than he seems. UNRAVELED is a quick sexy read with an interesting twist. 

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Two exotic locations. Two couples about to discover the thrill of rekindled passion. 

Make You Mine Again by Cheris Hodges 

Supermodel Jansen Douglas is living her dream. Now a wedding in Paris is about to reunite her with the high school sweetheart she left behind. But Atlanta CEO Bradley Stephens won't let their stormy past stand in the way of reclaiming his first and only love. 

Unraveled by Lisa Marie Perry 

Ona Tracy's plans to seduce her high school crush unravel when the reunion trip she books turns out to be an erotic-themed cruise to the Bahamas! Rather than abandon ship, she recruits blond-haired, silver-eyed Riker Ewan to be her hookup, unaware that the hot-bodied ex-marine isn't who he seems to be…


  1. I love that cover and I do like the sound of this one...gonna add it to my wishlist.


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