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Come Home Again (The Donovans #1) by Nana Malone Review

Delilah Donovan is like many young professional women. She's struggling to get the recognition and respect that she has worked so hard for professionally but has allowed all of her personal needs to fall by the wayside. It doesn't help that the one man that she fell in love with as a teenager still holds a large part of her heart that she isn't able to turn over to anyone else. At the moment Delilah's life is at it's bussiest a specter from her past walks in and turns her world upside down. 

Nate is just as shocked as Delilah when the person hired to curate and manage his public image is the the girl he fell in love with grown into a beautiful and confident woman. Nate has used all of his technical abilities to bury his past and create a new person that doesn't appear to carry the baggage of an abused and traumatized childhood. Even after being rescued by Delilah's family, Nate could never feel worthy enough of the wonderful family that was gifted to him. Now, Nate's decision to run instead of staying and trusting in the love and support of his new family, is coming back for him to face. Nate has made a lot of wrong choices trying to do the right thing for the people he cares about. Now he has to decide if he can take the risk of being honest and asking for the help and support that he felt that he never had even when it was right there for him to take. 

COME HOME AGAIN is yet another thoroughly enjoyable interracial romance by Nana Malone. The story moves at a very steady pace, the circumstances and character behaviors all make sense, and the attraction and level of steaminess between Nate and Delilah are nicely done. The ending wraps up nicely and completely. With twelve Donovan siblings I am looking forward to enjoying many more books in this series. I listened to the audio version of this one and the narrator, Eva Christensen, did a great job of drawing me in. Her performance in creating different voices for the characters was very enjoyable. I look forward to listening to the next in THE DONOVANS series LOVE REALITY soon. If you are looking for interracial romances that are sensual but not erotic I highly recommend trying a Nana Malone book. She knows how to give good steam without veering into raunchy along with providing an enjoyable story. This one will be added to my favorite reads list!

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Anything can be fixed with a little Duct Tape and sass… 

At least that’s what celebrity fixer, Delilah Donovan, used to think. She prides herself on being able to handle anything. But when she’s asked to fix the new CEO of Synth Games, she never dreams she’ll come face to face with the only man to ever break her heart. 

The past can't always be fixed... 

When a friend calls in a long ago favor, reformed hacker, Nate Williams, worries that his shady past will come back to haunt him. As acting CEO of Synth Games, he needs to make the world believe he’s CEO material. Too bad the one person who can help him is the one woman he had to leave behind. 

Will Nate bury his demons for good or will his past dictate his future? Can Delilah rise to this challenge or will Nate shatter her heart…again. 

The Donovans Series

Race for Love (The Donovans #3) eBook Release July 27th


  1. I'm going to have to try her books out. I actually have one of them on audio, gonna move it up on the list. Great review Monica :D

    1. Thanks Sharonda! I look forward to hearing what you think. I love that Malone puts her books on audio. There aren't anywhere NEAR enough IR titles on audio!

  2. You always managed to review books I'm interested in. I downloaded this one a while ago, maybe now i'll start reading it lol. Awesome Review!

  3. We are on the same reading wavelength GL! LOL I am trying to make my way through Nana Malone's backlist and I'm enjoying them!

  4. It is so so, I cannot express how hard it is to find diverse romance reads in audio. I commuter and I feel like me and my car have a love/hate relationship. Audio books keep me sane, I just wish Audible and other sources made it easier to locate diverse reads. Glad to see this review will have to check it out. I have never read her but she is burning up the charts so I do not know what I am waiting for.

    1. I hope that you enjoy them. She writes nice straight forward contemporary romance. I was thrilled to 'discover' her audio books.


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