Monday, July 27, 2015

Double Dragons (Dragons of New York #1) by Terry Bolryder Review

I took a chance on DOUBLE DRAGONS as it is a novella length story and I don't tend to enjoy shorter reads as much. I've enjoyed a few other short stories lately and I was hoping to find another short but pleasurable read. Unfortunately DOUBLE DRAGONS didn't quite fit the bill. This was in no way a bad read for me, it just had too many holes that really needed to be filled in. There is quite a bit of information introduced but then glossed over because there wasn't room to explore significant explanations. The dynamics between the dragons and the rest of the shifter world is hinted at and really needed to be explained. The reasons the dragons need to be partnered in order to have a mate is left dangling, Draven and Ran's friendship and connection is summarily explained, even Melissa possibly being a dragon heart is not really explained. Are those with a dragon heart born that way-is it genetic, is it random and the luck of the draw or just a part of a person's character? Why or how has Ran managed to be different from other dragons that have come before him who also had his gifts and the problems that come with them?

This had the potential to be a really good paranormal story but there are just too many hints of a bigger story needing to be told. The storyline wasn't tight enough to feel like a completed story even with it ending in a happily ever after for Draven, Ran, and Melissa. My dilemma is that now my interest has been piqued and I like the world but the following books are all just as short as this one. If I continue with the series I risk being left frustrated and full of questions at the end of each book. I like Bolryder's style of writing so I may just look for longer books by her and try again another time. This is a menage romance but surprisingly enough the sex isn't what stuck with me when I finished the story; it was all of the unanswered questions that I would love to have had filled in. 

Happy Reading!


They're hot as fire, and if you mess with their mate, you're bound to get burned. 

Draven and Ran are dragon shifters, the fire-breathing enforcers of the shifter world. The ones they call when things go wrong. Strong, sexy and wealthy, the only thing the two partners are missing is a mate to share it all with. But that's tricky in the dragon world and after years of searching, the dragons have basically given up. That is, until a sexy, reckless human librarian lands in their path during a mission.

Melissa knows she would have been in hot water had the two handsome, powerful and mysterious men not showed up to save her butt from a group of violent men. Still, when her rescuers take her back to their New York loft, she's confronted by a mystery she never expected. Dragons and other shapeshifting creatures exist. And these dragons are definitely hotblooded. 

But as the sexy dragons show Melissa all the perks of being their mate, Melissa is also uncovering the dangerous secrets of the dragon world. If she isn't willing to risk everything, their chances at a happily ever after might just go up in flames.

Warning: Double Dragons is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers and two sexy, stubborn dragons who might just light your fire. However, it also contains adult-level sexiness and some intense action scenes and is meant for mature readers only. Enjoy!

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