Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fear The Darkness (The Dark Series #3) by L.A. Wild

Dreams and lost recollections have begun to merge, blurring the lines between right and wrong. Worse. An unknown has tampered with my memories, tangled them into a network and hidden them from me. How do I know? Khaos, the destroyer of worlds, who carves my mind in two has found them. Did Black build the crumbling barricade to keep the homicidal goddess trapped? Or to keep me on one half of my mind, away from the truth? 

Amid my battles with a DNA-consuming virus, ghouls, and other paranormal creatures spilling into Glasgow city, more of the seven objects reveal themselves. The dark power they possess seems to wrinkle the very fabric of time. Maybe those keys came from the depths of hell itself. I don’t know. But I can use them to reshape the past. Except, the only consistency in my strange and precarious existence, Black, keeps warning, “Consequences and repercussions, Keese.”

Screw him. I want my sister and parents alive and at my side—no matter the cost.

From the seedy side of Glasgow, to the ancient pyramids of Egypt, to the golden sands of Australia, I discover the hard truth about where I came from, about the body I identified as my twin, and about the betrayal of the man who I’ve laid with, fought with, and lied for. 

The Dark Series – L A WILD

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