Sunday, July 12, 2015

His Every Touch by Melissa Blue Review

In HIS EVERY TOUCH there is plenty of story and enjoyment packed into a quick read. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Blue was able to give sufficient background for Lucian's hesitations when it comes to his family, his tension filled relationship with Courtney, as well as Courtney's background in such a tightly written story. Absolutely everything that was needed to fill in the story between Lucian and Courtney is provided. Best of all I absolutely enjoyed both Lucian and Courtney. They both behaved and reacted as rational grownups even with their respective issues that caused them difficulties. The story flows well, there's no over the top drama just good storytelling and plenty of steaminess. 

Anyone who knows my reading tastes has undoubtedly heard me whine and complain about stories that are short and too quick to read. However, lately I have had a really good run with novella length stories and HIS EVERY TOUCH is another little gem to add to the list. Although part of the the Den of Sin world it can easily be read as a stand alone and it is a complete story without any dangling threads to leave you frustrated. The Den of Sin series is one where there are several authors who contribute stories to a centralized world and I will be adding them to my ever expanding TBR list. I'm very curious as to what other stories can be enjoyed in this world. Dare I admit it? I just may be a convert to quality short stories because I'm adding another one to my favorites list!

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

You can read a snippet from HIS EVERY TOUCH on Blue's site here!


Courtney Michaels wants to be the best paralegal in the biz, and working under Lucian Beaudelaire is her ticket. A highly sought-after attorney, Lucian is ruthless and relentless, in the office as well as the courtroom. He’s just the man to help Courtney’s career remain on the rise—if she can keep her less-than-professional thoughts about him in check.
Lucian would allow only one thing to interrupt a case—family. When his uncle is placed in a medically induced coma, Lucian heads home to New Orleans, with Courtney in tow. He’ll depend on her skills to keep the casework going while he deals with his dysfunctional family, even if sharing neighboring hotel rooms with her is Lucien’s personal idea of torture.
When familial stress becomes too much to bear, Lucian finds release in Courtney’s arms. And that’s exactly where he intends to stay…until they’re back home, and Courtney requests a transfer, convinced they can no longer work together.
But Lucian is a master at arguing his case. It’s time to show his paralegal exactly how ruthless and relentless he can be. 

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