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Kilted For Pleasure (Under the Kilt #3) by Melissa Blue Review

Victoria is desperate to salvage her reputation after taking the blame for a career killing mistake. She isn't willing to allow a gruff and rude man stand in her way of redemption. Callan wants to be left alone so that he can earn the money that will help settle the bulk of the debt that weighs on him. It's always fun to see the surly men brought around and Callan doesn't give in without taking more than his due when he finally agrees to cooperate with Victoria.

 Victoria and Callan, although very different in temperament, initially agree that their attraction is purely physical and should not lead to any emotional entanglements. Callan wants to explore Victoria's hidden kinks and Victoria is willing to let him as long as he keeps to their agreement. Through working together, snarky conversations, and electrifying sexual encounters what develops between them naturally begins to slowly morph into the one thing Victoria was fighting hard against. Callan on the other hand is still in love with his dead wife and can't imagine anyone, even the irresistible Victoria, filling the void that was left when she died. 

KILTED FOR PLEASURE is a very erotic contemporary romance that also has a solid story. There are definite scenes that involve kink, not BDSM per se, just eroticism that is believable between two people who are willing to explore their sexuality without strict boundaries or guilt. For me the scenes weren't shocking or overly done. Blue was able to weave the bit of kinkiness into Victoria's and Callan's relationship very smoothly and believably.  I've read three books by Melissa Blue in a week so I think that it's safe to say that I am definitely now a fan and I will be reading more by her soon. 

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**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**


Callan Baird used to laugh more than he frowned, but that was before his wife died. Now his life is duty, debts and a general apathy for anything else. And then Victoria Burke burst into his life. She's everything he wants to corrupt. 

Victoria has two choices: agree to a grouchy, sexy Scotsman's extortion or call her boss to explain why she can't do her job. Since she's spent the last three years rebuilding her career as antique appraiser, and this one commission could make or break it, the decision is a no-brainer. Except everything about Callan is complicated. 

He sees no problem turning their work relationship into a sexual one. She refuses to break her boss' no-fraternization rule. He's the one thing she wants and the one thing she can't have. He's had his one great love, and doesn't want a replacement. His heart doesn't agree, because she's everything he desires. 

Callan will have to let go of his past if he wants Victoria to be in his future.


The door swung open. A shirtless man glowered at her, but that description couldn't quite encapsulate him. Her smile faltered while she lost a few IQ points at the full brunt of him. Shadows deepened the grooves around his mouth and eyes. Wind creeping in through the open door whipped his dark auburn hair into disarray. He was broad in the shoulders, solid in the torso and thighs. Every sinew in his tall frame inspired an itch in her palms to touch, caress, explore all of him. He fit into the scenery—stark mountains and moors.

The furrows that hinted above his brows practically promised brooding—complete with a money back guarantee. His blue eyes narrowed. “Which Baird sent you?” His thick burr rolled the “r” in a way that prickled her skin.

He definitely seemed to know Ian and Tristan. Ian was her boss. Tristan was her boss' brother who ran the sales division. To say they were like night and day was an understatement. “I'm—”

He scoffed, cutting off her speech with the abrupt sound. “Ian,” he guessed with pinpoint accuracy. “Tristan wouldn't have sent a lamb to slaughter.”

Her spine stiffened. A lamb would have curled up when she had mistakenly authenticated a forgery three years ago. A sheep would have willingly let the world put a hand over her eyes while it slit her throat to bleed out from shame, guilt and mortification. One simply didn't recover from the kind of screw up she'd made, but Victoria had found employment, convinced her boss to send her to Scotland, alone, for an all expense paid commission of a castle. This was her first job oversees for the Bairds and it damn sure wouldn't be her last.

Victoria Burke was no one's goddamn lamb.

Under the Kilt Series

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