Friday, July 31, 2015

Love Reality (The Donovans #2) by Nana Malone Review

LOVE REALITY continues the Donovan family drama with Delilah's younger sister Mia's story. Mia is struggling to find her place in both her professional and personal life. Having little to no influence in her job as a production assistant on a dating reality show Mia jumps at the chance to pitch and possibly produce her own show. Mia is the creator of a dating blog and having her concept turned into a scripted show would be a dream come true. However, when Mia's boss makes her an offer that she can't refuse, she finds out that the devil is definitely in the details. 

Mia (Lonely Girl) has an arch nemesis and polar opposite and he is the one and only Single Guy. Ryan is the one man who has sparked her interest since her last break up but ends up being the one man that she doesn't want to want. The temptation and chemistry is great between Mia and Ryan. Their mutual reservations and personal baggage trip them up but their attraction to one another is hard to resist.

Ryan has been pulling his own weight and making a name for himself without the backing of his family all of his adult life. He now wants the chance to break out from his Single Guy role and do more in depth and profound journalism. With the opportunity to report from behind the scenes of a popular dating reality show Ryan has a chance to write a break out piece. What Ryan finds when he shows up throws him for a loop and he has to decide how to do his job and get what he wants without loosing either.

I am now a true fan of Nana Malone's tightly told and clean writing style. When Malone tells a story she gives her readers an undiluted and fully fleshed out story. Her stories are populated with people who have depth and relatable characteristics; strengths and flaws alike. There's no extraneous drama thrown in for kicks and giggles either. The drama that unfold in her stories are actually pertinent to the overall story. I'm never left wondering what the heck just happened or asking myself why something was just thrown in. LOVE REALITY is another enjoyable addition to Malone's entertaining body of work and my ever growing Malone collection. 

This series is also available on audio and are nicely narrated by Eva Christensen. You can listen to an excerpt of LOVE REALITY here

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Walking love disaster, Mia Donovan, is a reality television production assistant by day, secret dating blogger, Lonely Girl, by night. All she has to do to get the job of a lifetime is face her fears and step in front of the camera. Unfortunately that also means dating her nemesis, Single Guy, for the entire world to see. 

A cynic giving love advice… 

Reluctant, dating columnists, Ryan Matthews, otherwise known as Single Guy, thinks reality-dating shows are soul-sucking endeavors that have more to do with selling unrealistic expectations than love. But for a shot at writing serious stories, he’s willing to go undercover on Love Reality to do an exposé on the dating competition. What he doesn’t count on is falling in love. 

This book contains mature themes and is intended for audiences 18+ 

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