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Perfectly Mixed by Ancelli Review

PERFECTLY MIXED is my first read from author Ancelli and I am so glad that I finally tried this one. The story is well written with realistic characters who all have believable flaws that many readers will recognize and even relate to. The main characters Kanielle and Brandon are each in marriages that are affected by issues of infertility.  Kanielle is feeling the pressure of producing an offspring that will continue her husband's family line to satisfy his parent's and grandmother's wishes. For Brandon, it's more a matter of actually saving his marriage as his wife Maggie's need for children and her inability to have them continues to strain their connection as a couple.

Although I enjoyed the story and found it an easy read, each and every character has an issue that bothered me. Kanielle stays in a marriage that is not just stressful, but her husband is untrustworthy and has been abusive as well. Yet, Kanielle has not only stayed with this man, but has continuously tried to conceive a child that would be brought into a messy situation. I don't like that. The thing that brought Kanielle to her breaking point should have come long before it actually did. Robert, Kanielle's husband is just an overall awful person. He doesn't show love and respect for Kanielle and I couldn't believe that she would want to have a child with him in the first place.

Brandon doesn't come off as much of an alpha personality; he is much more of a wait to react kind of man. He's a good guy and proves it over and over again throughout the story so I'm not sure what it is that makes him seem less than an alpha but that is just the impression that I got from his actions. Brandon has some issues that aren't disclosed until later in the book and I think that if they had been explored more and earlier in the book it would have been a good addition to the overall plot. 

Ancelli's plot does have a few nice twists that were surprising and made the story speed up towards the end. I will also point out that it was nice to have a black heroine who isn't biracial, not described as being fair skinned with long hair and light or green eyes. It's nice that a traditionally featured black woman was good enough to be the heroine of the story. I have no problem with the former because I have read many IR romances where the heroine has those characteristics and I enjoyed the story. However, it was very nice to have a heroine with brown eyes and skin who didn't have to have anything 'exotic' or different in her genetic background to make her beautiful or interesting. Just saying. 

PERFECTLY MIXED is nicely paced with a completed story and a happily ever after that won't leave you disappointed. I will definitely be exploring more of Ancelli's writing. 

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What would you do if you find out that the baby you’re pregnant with might not be yours? 

Kanielle Richardson is the perfect wife in everyone’s eyes, except her husband Robert’s. His desire to please his family comes before her. After years of refusing his wife a child, Robert is ready to have a baby to satisfy his family. Their relationship suffered a few bumps along the way causing pain and suffering. Is Kanielle willing to forgive and forget? 

Brandon and Maggie Stokes seemed to be the perfect couple. They yearned to have a baby, sealing their happiness. Their relationship took a downfall because of their infertility issues. Brandon always putting his wife first, sacrificing his happiness for hers, will a baby give them their happy ever after? 

Four lives entangled in one mistake, making one Perfectly Mixed baby. 

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content.


  1. You may have convinced me to buy this book! Like you I have no issue with a biracial heroine with light skin and eyes being the "black" women in an interracial story but it allows let's me down when writers continue this trope.As a darker skinned Afro-Latina I always get really excited to read a book with a darker skinned heroine and don't have them have kinky hair, I'll roll over and have a fit! Great review mama

    1. Thanks so much GL! I hope that you enjoy it if you give it a try. I'm definitely going to read more from Ancelli later on down the line. Have a great weekend!

  2. I have been an avid reader and staunch fan of Ancelli since I read My Best Friend. Her dedication to her craft shows in each book and so does her growth as a writer. Perfectly Mixed was a story I understood on many levels and it was an awesome read. Thank you for taking a moment to read one of my favorite authors and giving her the wonderful review that she earned!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Jacinator! I will definitely be reading more from Ancelli in the near future!


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