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The Guardians (The Guardians #1) by Elise Marion Review

Addison Monroe is the unlikely barrier to demons from Hell literally overrunning Earth. Addison is struggling to survive day to day while beating back and denying a base nature that frightens and confuses her. Addison wants to be a good person, strives to do what's right but she doesn't understand her uncontrollable dark and often violent thoughts. When Addison is visited by someone who claims to be an angle she has to decide whether or not to believe what feels to be true or what should be true according to what "normal" people would believe. When Jack and Micah come to her as her protectors a whole new and scary world unfolds for Addison. Everything that she is, what she is, and can become is revealed. There's a world and a war on Earth that most people have no idea is there and Addison is an important player in the battle to come.

THE GURADIANS is jam packed with lore, action, world building, and best of all a diversity of characters that is a truer reflection of what the world looks like. Marion doesn't throw diversity into her story just for the sake of having one 'ethnic' person thrown in for good measure. The world Marion creates, although fantastical, feels more like a reflection of the world at large. I am finding that there is nothing boring and homogeneous in the worlds created by Marion and I LOVE that! 

THE GUARDIANS is an action packed paranormal-fantasy story that encompasses everything that I look for in this genre. I listened to the audio version so I had the added bonus of it being narrated by Henry McNulty. McNulty could narrate a phone book and make me want to listen to it again and again. I dare you to listen to a sample and not want to one click this one! If you are fan of fantasy romance that is heavy on plot and world development then THE GUARDIANS is must read/listen. THE GUARDIANS is fast paced with an ending that I definitely didn't see coming so I am now faced with a dilemma. Although book 2 THE SEAL is out it is not currently available as an Audible title yet. I have to decide whether I am patient enough to wait for the audio to find out what happens next or do I break down and actually read THE SEAL. I have to say this is a wonderful problem to have. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the audio will be available sometime in the near future and will also be narrated by McNulty. And yes, this is going on my favorites list!

Happy Reading!

**I received an Audible copy in exchange for an honest review.**


In the war between Heaven and Hell, a special race of humans with supernatural abilities will represent the balance between darkness and light. They are known as The Guardians.

Jack Bennett comes from a long line of Guardians, a fact that has been drummed into him since he was a kid. When he and a select group of elite Guardians are called upon by Michael the Archangel to complete a special assignment, Jack gladly accepts. Seven years later, a failing mission and personal losses have left him jaded, bitter and without room for love or relationships in his life. 

The past that Addison Monroe is so desperately trying to escape is one she can’t outrun. The darkness inside that causes her to act unpredictably has gone unexplained until now. A woman claiming to be an angel appears with a revelation that will shake Addison to her core. Her dark nature is explained as Addison discovers that she is one of the Nephilim—a child born of a human mother and demon father. 

Despite the dark nature she was born with, Addison has been chosen by Heaven for a special purpose. Ten scrolls spelled to open up portals between Hell and Earth … ten demons who are using them to come and go from Earth at will, a violation of the terms set by heaven in the battle for souls … one demon known as the Great Duke of Hell who will stop at nothing to defeat her. Fighting alongside two Guardians, Addison must uncover the legendary Seal of Solomon—a ring that is said to possess the power to destroy demons, and wield it against the enemies of Heaven.

As his task to protect her develops into something more, Jack will find separating his job from his personal life nearly impossible. Ignoring the dangers of becoming too attached, Jack will find that a woman whose very nature should repulse him, might just be his saving grace.

Book 2

Addison Monroe took a chance on becoming a Guardian to fight alongside the forces of Heaven in the war against Hell. A girl with a dark past, she had nothing to lose … until she fell in love with Jack Bennett. Now that she’s lost him too, there’s nothing left for her but a mission—a cause she’s truly come to believe in. With one of Hell’s most notorious demons—Lilith, mother of legions—after her, she can’t afford to let her personal life become a distraction.

As the war with Hell continues, Jack Bennett fights to get himself back in the game. Little does he know that returning home will only complicate matters, as nothing can ever be the same between him and the two people he cares for most in the world: his best friend, and the love of his life.

Micah Boudreaux never thought he would get stuck babysitting ‘the chosen one’ all by himself, but without his partner, Jack, in the picture, he isn’t left with much of a choice. The fact that she’s a demon half-breed only reminds him of all he’s lost to the side of Evil. Yet, hating her becomes difficult as he’s forced to work alongside her on a mission he’s spent seven years trying to complete. He never counted on Addison stoking feelings in him that have lain dormant for so long.

It’s wrong to want her. She’s his best friend’s girl, and has the blood of demons running through her veins. Yet, despite all of it, the demon-hunter with a complicated past will dare to hope for more. Even though life has never given him much, he will dare to hope for love … even in the midst of a dark world and a conflict he sees as unwinnable.


  1. This series looks promising and those covers omg, to die for!

    1. Marion is a new to me author that I am very excited to have found!


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