Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coveted (Pandora's Playground #1) by Alannah Lynne Review

A year after losing her husband to a sudden death Muriel is still struggling to recover. She knows that it is time to take the first steps back into the life that she enjoyed with her husband but she is naturally reluctant to face the place and people that she once found so comforting by her husbands side. Muriel is about to find out that the one person that she thought was so repelled by her presence is the person who will help her reconnect to who she was before her husband's death.

Matthew is struggling with his own demons from the past. With the pushy help of his best friend and the open mindedness of Muriel,  Matthew now has a chance to become who he has been afraid to be with Muriel. Matthew's habit of watching and protecting from a distance is coming to an end and he has to either face his fears and possibly get exactly what he has been too afraid to even hope for or walk away and live with the fact that he wasn't brave enough to even try. 

COVETED is a quick and enjoyable erotic story. Even with this one being novella length Lynne managed to give a story that felt complete. There is a bit of sharing in this story so if you are offended or hesitant with two men sharing an erotic experience with one woman be warned-there's no direct sexual contact between the men. However, this is not a menage or a love triangle romance. Fans of Maya Banks' Surrender Trilogy or Stacey Kennedy's Club Sin series would enjoy this one as there is a similar theme found in Pandora's Playground. 

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**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**


She’s his heaven and his hell…

Muriel Stewart has spent the past year grieving the loss of her husband. Now that time has passed, her inner submissive demands Muriel find a new relationship to fulfill her need to love and serve. But there’s only one man who makes Muriel yearn for the intimate Dom/submissive connection the way her husband did, and that’s his best friend, Mathew Galinda … a man who can barely tolerate being in her presence.

Matthew Galinda buried his own heart and needs the day Muriel Stewart married his best friend and business partner. He’s spent the last eleven years keeping Muriel at a distance, tortured by his love for a woman he could never have, and filled with shame for coveting what wasn’t and would never be his. Not even his best friend’s unexpected death could change that fact. Until Muriel decides she’s ready for a new Dom and she wants Matthew to fill that role.

Having Muriel in his life is all Mathew has ever wanted. She’s his heaven and his hell, and could be his salvation if he can get beyond his past, his shame, and the guilt he feels for not having saved Ian’s life. 

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