Thursday, August 6, 2015

Matt & Brooklyn (Again for the First Time #2) by Raven St. Pierre Review

MATT AND BROOKLYN is a New Adult contemporary romance that will make even the most jaded of romance readers such as myself bend. Although I have been made to eat my words a few time about not enjoying NA romance, as a general rule I do not search out stories that feature adults trying to find their way in the world. They tend to be overly angsty, too much manufactured drama, and the heroines usually make my eyes roll all too often. Raven St. Pierre has managed to shut me up with every story that I have read by her. MATT AND BROOKLYN is not just an good NA read it is an excellent romance. Period.

Matt and Brooklyn's romance is so sweet and hard fought for by Matt that I found myself smiling often because of  his tender handling of  Brooklyn. Matt is the type of man that mother's want for their daughters and smarter young women want for themselves. Matt's patience, diligence, and sweet hotness made this reader happy, happy, happy. I will admit that there were moments when I wanted Brooklyn to just pull her fingers out of her eyes, look past the end of her dang nose, and embrace what most women would give their right arm for. The love and loyalty of a man who looks at her as if the sun rises and sets just for her. I often found myself thinking "Girl, you better grab you some." Brooklyn tested my patience; however I understand why she felt and did what she did but I wanted her to be impulsive and love struck as only young lovers can be. But no, Brooklyn is much too regimented and focused to let loose and cast caution to the wind. I know, I know! Those are wonderful characteristics to have for a young woman to have professionally but it doesn't make for a sweeping romance. Never fear though, things do work out as they should.

Family dynamics also play a role in the nice pacing of this story. Both Matt and Brooklyn's families are important to them and their ongoing stories are woven in very well. I am definitely looking forward to what the next book will reveal about their family members, their connections, and what is in store next for this dynamic group of people. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am a big fan of Pierre's writing style. Pierre gave me everything that I could have asked for.  MATT AND BROOKLYN has been added to my favorite reads list!

Happy Reading!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**


She tells herself he’s just a friend, but in her heart he’s so much more…
Matteo Valente is an up-and-coming filmmaker whose award-winning documentary put him on the map two short years ago. It was that very documentary that also led him to the beautiful, intriguingly elusive Brooklyn James. From the moment he laid eyes on her through the lens of his camera, he couldn’t shake the feeling that their meeting was no mistake. Their connection was instant, but Brook has been hell-bent on keeping him in the dreaded “friend zone” while she chases after her own dream.
When Matt pays a surprise visit to Brook the day she graduates with her master’s degree, she is forced to take a second look. “Come with me” were not the words she expected to hear as Matt prepared to leave town again. The invitation to spend a week in L.A. left her breathless, but there were so many reasons to turn him down; so many scenarios that could ruin their close friendship, but… at the risk of regretting it later… she said yes.

“Matt & Brooklyn” is the second STANDALONE in the “Again for the First Time” family saga.

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Raven is the author of several interracial and African-American romances, including her debut series, "Free Falling" books 1 - 3.5, "Again for the First Time", "Red Sun", “Only Love” (co-authored with Victoria H. Smith), and "Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob". To learn more about Raven's upcoming works, there are a number of ways to find her and to stay in touch! 

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