Monday, August 3, 2015

Mind Over Matter (Loose Ends #3) by Kaia Bennett Review

In this final installment of the LOOSE ENDS series things finally come to a head and the destiny of Nicole and Gabriel's relationship is revealed. Things are never easy or simple between them and this final lead up is no different.

Nicole has decided to move on from her heartbreak with Gabriel by falling back into the comfort of friendship with Travis. Travis has been there for Nicole and has loved her even when that love wasn't returned. I have to admit that it was a bit hard for me to read about the relationship that develops between Travis and Nicole. I could see the handwriting on the wall and I knew things couldn't possibly end well between them. Both Nicole and Travis were thinking selfishly. Nicole wanted to use Travis as a balm to soothe her pain from Gabriel. While Travis was selfish in pursuing a relationship with a woman that he knew full well was still in love with someone else. They were both equally responsible for the pain inflected. 

Gabriel is focused on building his career and has tried to forget the possibilities and dreams that he was afraid to have with Nicole. However, when family obligations continue to bring them back together they attempt what rarely goes well. Going from lovers back to friends. I can't imagine how two people who are so fiercely attracted to each other physically actually thought that they could establish a platonic relationship. 

Bennett completely closes out this series in a way that I really enjoyed. While reading MIND OVER MATTER Bennett had me wondering almost to the very end whether or not Gabriel and Nicole would actually get their happily ever after. Their relationship is a study in how people can get in their own way and sabotage their own happiness. There is plenty of Bennett's trademark outrageously and satisfyingly descriptive sexiness as well as a sense of completion.

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**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.** 


They said they would try. They said they would give their love a chance.

But when the mistakes of Gabriel's past clashed with Nicole's hopes for the future, they realized love wasn't enough. They tied up the loose ends of their broken hearts and walked away.

Now, Gabriel's career is on a meteoric rise and he is back to his bachelor ways. He told Nicole he couldn't promise forever and did his best to let her go, but these days he wonders if he spoke too soon.

Nicole has a new life, a new man, and she refuses to look back. To everyone around her though, not looking back looks an awful lot like running scared from the past.

With Jackie and Ian's wedding approaching, a reunion between the best man and the maid of honor is to be expected. What they don't expect is for the olive branch of friendship to catch fire with a love and need that is stronger than even their best intentions.

They called it quits. But is it really over? They still love each other. But does that even matter when they've made up their minds that there's no going back?

*Author's Note* Mind Over Matter is the third and final book in the Loose Ends series. 

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