Monday, September 28, 2015

A Few Changes Coming

Over the last year or so I have gotten some very nice emails from people who stop by my blog. Thanks for that by the way! It's nice to know that people are stopping by and actually paying attention to what I am doing here in my little corner of the world! I get some helpful feedback as well as some suggestions (complaints) that, although appreciated, I simply can't/won't do. For instance, I can't only feature and review one genre here on my blog because I read a little of everything! This blog is a reflection of my interests as well as things that come to my attention that look good to me. Ya'll know that I'll read a vampire book right after reading a book about slavery! This blog will always be an eclectic collection of genres-that's just how I roll!

I have gotten a few complaints that I am not featuring enough new releases that may not be part of a blog tour; especially new releases that are African American or interracial/multicultural  themed. I hear you and I promise to add more of these going forward! I am fairly new to the IR romance world and I am trying to discover and read as much as I can. It is not always easy to find books featuring AA characters and I am trying to add more titles here that are both new releases and older titles that I have missed or haven't promoted before.  I do post links to upcoming releases that I find on the sidebar so be sure to check that out too! There's a lot of goodness out there folks!

Also, I am going to cut back on some of the blog tours as well. I am still going to participate in them, but I am scaling back. I am also not going to go back to posting lots of sales here on my blog BUT I post almost daily on Pinterest! I have a board that is dedicated solely to books that are on sale or currently free. I even have a handy dandy widget on my sidebar here on the right so just click there and follow me on Pinterest! PLEASE double check prices before you click! The prices change quickly and are accurate when I post. 

I am also going back to adding in features of older books and series that I discover and am interested in reading but haven't gotten around to. Although things are changing a little here on the blog I hope that that the changes will be improvements and that everyone who stops by finds something new to check out. 

Happy Reading Ya'll!


  1. As a fellow blogger, you know what kills me the most? Being told what I should or shouldn't say or post. I totally respect your decision to make changes in order to retain and grow your readership, but I hope you continue to do what feels right for you the blogger. This is an unpaid labor of love, so keep doing what you do!

    1. Thanks so much for the support. You ladies inspire me all of the time and I just need to refocus.


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