Friday, November 27, 2015

Color of Love Blog Hop 2015

Blog Hop Prizes

1st Prize
$75  Gift Card & 6 E-Books

2nd Prize  
$50 Gift Card & 5 E-books

3rd Prize  
$30 Gift Card & 5 E-Books  

4th Prize  
$15 Gift Card  & 5 E-Books

5th Prize  
$10 Gift Card  & 5 E-Books

6th Prize  
$5 Gift Card & 5 E-Books

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Check out the participants and experience their unique blogs! 

This list of bloggers represent readers and authors who love diversity in their reading. Each blogger has a unique voice and each blog is representative of their own flair. The thing that we all have in common is that we are all striving to promote and encourage everyone to widen their reading experiences to include more diverse and inclusive characters. From sexy and erotic to sweet and sensual you'll find a little of everything represented among this awesome group of bloggers!

Happy Reading!

Blog Hop Participants


  1. What's you favorite type of romance? Sweet, sensual, erotic?

    1. I think my favorite is sensual. I don't shy away from the erotic but with the sensual you tend to get more fully developed stories. I started out reading only sweet and still enjoy them from time to time. Can I be more wishy washy? LOL What's your favorite?

  2. 4me..whether it's Sweet,sensual,or erotic it's all like a sweet dark bitter chocolate, That's hott !a taste that stamped on my long as its true love &happy endings that tops!!

  3. Thanks for participating in the Color of Love Blog Hop. Happy reading to you, too.

  4. Thanks for being part of the hop, Monica.


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