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Mine (Club Sin #7) by Stacey Kennedy Review

 Although Dmitri and Presley seemed to have gotten a happy ending in CLAIMED, they are now struggling with their relationship in MINE. When things get tough Dmitri doesn't exactly come through for Presley and she, to her credit,  doesn't simply accept his distance. Presley has come a long way in her self-confidence. She didn't back down and allow Dmitiri to relegate her to the sidelines when a blackmailer threatens the club and he turns his focus away from her. Presley looks out for herself by letting Dmitri know that his treatment of her won't be tolerated and she won't be wishfully waiting for him to return to her after being mistreated.

The story unfolds steadily and with a few twists. I enjoyed the fact that we get to go back and see a couple who still has issues to work out even after they seemed to have walked hand in hand into the sunset. It was nice to see a couple needing to continue working on their relationship later on down the line. As usual, there is plenty of steaminess in MINE as well as an introduction to characters that will show up in the next series that Kennedy is setting up. 

I have really enjoyed this series. Kennedy manages to mix genuine feeling romance with kink very well. Each couple manages to work through difficulties and come out better in the end. MINE is a very nice ending to the CLUB SIN series. All of the books have been enjoyable and coming full circle back to Dmitri and Presely is a great way to close out the series.

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**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

Dmitri and Presley—the scorching-hot couple who started it all in Claimed—return to save Club Sin in the exhilarating new short novel from USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy.

Dmitri Pratt is living out his dream. Not only does he own the ultimate playground for the BDSM lifestyle, he’s found a special connection with his deliciously sexy sub, Presley Flynn, the woman who complements him in ways that go far beyond the bedroom. But when an anonymous blackmailer threatens to expose the elite, high-profile members of Club Sin in a notorious tabloid, Dmitri’s perfect world spirals out of control.

Before she met Dmitri, Presley never imagined she would find a Master who could deliver on all her hottest fantasies. Dmitri’s love and his sensual artistry surprise her every day, until he suddenly turns distant and cold. For the first time, Presley wonders where Dmitri’s heart truly lies: with her, or with Club Sin. As the life they’ve built together begins to crumble, Presley can only trust that Dmitri has what it takes—to defend what’s his, and win back the woman he cannot live without.

Mine is intended for mature audiences.

Stacey Kennedy is the USA Today bestselling author of the Club Sin series. She writes deeply emotional romances about powerful men and the wild women who tame them. When she’s not plugging away at a new story, she’s either hiking, canoeing, relaxing around a campfire, or obsessing over Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, andOutlander. Stacey lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband (who puts any of the heroes in her books to shame), their two young children, and her other babies: a mini labradoodle named Jax and a chocolate labrador named Murphy.

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  1. I havent read this series in a while, where they the first couple in the series? The first couple of books were good. Great review Monica

  2. Great review!

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