Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Promise by Sienna Mynx

Look what is available! New release from Sienna Mynx!

Happy Reading!

Nero is a man who doesn’t need permission in life. The first Persian Muslim American promoted to Captain of the police force he enforces and dictates the rules that keep his men and women alive. As the first-born son to his father his life was supposed to be what his family wanted, what his faith dictated. However, the love of his wife, friend, and lover made him regret nothing about choosing a different course. And even more determined to have her, his way. She is the only woman he could say he loved before they ever met. Life should be perfect for him. Right? It is, until one day he wakes to discover his wife needs from him the one thing in their marriage he swore never to give to another. How does he convince her that what they share should be enough? To give in would force him to revisit the dark pain of his past and could destroy the bedrock that he built his happiness and marriage upon.


  1. tell me you are going to read this? lols

    1. Oh, I'm gonna read this-just have to clear a few things out first!


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