Monday, December 21, 2015

Chasing Day Series by Twyla Turner Review

Oh, boy! There is so much romantic saga goodness going on in the CHASING DAY series. Turner presents a love between two people that will reaffirm your belief in love that's meant to be. Daylen and Chase's story begins when they are young. Chase defends Day against bullying which sparks a friendship that slowly grows and then burns into a relationship that eventually defines them both. The relationship between Chase and Day is emotionally scalding to them both. This is a coming of age and maturity story so angst abounds, but it's believable angst. Turner provides obstacles, frustrations, and mistakes that makes their story engrossing. 

As their relationship develops we find that Chase's family dynamic is far from the perfect image that others see. Chase has his own hell to survive while trying to live up to what other people expect from him. Day steps up and provides just as much comfort and protection for Chase as he does for her against the pettiness and meanness of some of their classmates. The biggest difference between them, is that Day is aware of what her real feelings for Chase are early on. I wanted to give Chase a little shake to wake him up so that he could see what is right in front of him; but his obtuseness is believable from a very young man. Both Chase and Day make regrettable choices that end up being life changing mistakes. However, Day makes a choice that is selfish, is one of my deal breaker actions, and skirts the line of unforgivable.  Especially when her decision isn't justifiable. However, somehow Turner still made me want a happily ever after for them. How Turner was able to make me still want forgiveness for Daylen I am still not sure, but I did. 

If you are looking for a full circle romance then the CHASING DAY series is an all around winner. This one is not just for fans of New Adult romances! This is a wonderful and emotionally engaging story of hard fought for love that never completely fades. Turner shows that there can be happiness found through acceptance, forgiveness, and faith that someone can love you with all of your perceived and real imperfections. I'm adding this to my favorite reads list and I am positive that I will be revisiting this story again!

Happy Reading!

**I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.**

Chasing Day  Catching Day


Daylen Daniels and Chase McCoy are as different as they come. Chase is the captain of the football team. Day is the shy voluptuous girl that hides behind her cello. Though their differences didn't keep the next door neighbors from becoming life-long best friends. As they grow up, their attraction for each other grows with them. But will a romantic relationship be the only thing that could destroy their unbreakable bond? Will love and timing finally fall in sync? Follow these two through childhood to adulthood, love and heartbreak, tragedy and triumph, in...Chasing Day. And the surprising and heartwarming conclusion...Catching Day.

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