Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cowboy Not Included (The Boot Knockers Ranch #6) by Em Petrova Review

   Skye Blackwood has spent the last few years struggling to provide for herself and her daughter on her own. Holding down a job that doesn't afford for any extravagant luxuries Skye is tired of going it alone. Lonely, frustrated, and needing a break, Skye decides to kill two birds with one stone. Finding her ex-husband Booker working at Book Knockers Ranch is the perfect excuse to get a break and get answers from Booker. Yes, Boot Knockers Ranch is just the type of ranch that the name implies. Skye discovers that Booker is much more than a ranch hand and living a life that she couldn't fathom before. Booker has honed skills and talents that had only been hinted at when they were together and now makes a living providing pleasure. Working through misunderstandings and youthful disappointments at The Boot Knockers Ranch allows for a unique opportunity for erotic adventure that leads to a reconciliation with a bang.

COWBOY NOT INCLUDED is filled with steaminess and erotic adventure. This isn't a soft and sweet rekindling of a romance gone wrong. This is a set your delicate sensibilities aside and strap yourself in for a fun and wild ride kind of romance. The story is straight forward and unfolds quickly. Petrova delivers an entertaining, page singing, erotic romance that gives a quick and enjoyable read.

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**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**



She never expected to feel the vibrations all the way to her broken heartstrings.

The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 6

Diapers and baby food are uppermost in Skye Blackwood’s mind—at least until she’s alone at night. Two years is a long time, and her toy collection isn’t all that satisfying. Especially since her battery-operated lovers came from Booker, her ex.

Everyone said they married too young, and they were right. He could be a bigger part of their daughter’s life, though, so she tracks him down—and is shocked to discover he’s working at a Texas sex therapy ranch. She reserves a week of something tall, dark, and cowboy for herself, planning to use her down time to talk to Booker.

When Skye steps onto the Boot Knockers stage, Booker doesn’t hesitate to pull the plug. A giant misunderstanding may have ended things between them, but no way is he letting another cowboy into her bed.

Once alone, their animal attraction flares back to life. But time hasn’t healed the emotional wounds that still run deep. And renewing their old bond could be the biggest mistake they ever made…

Warning: Contains smoking-hot sex scenes with toys, without toys, with an extra partner, and just one-on-one. Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced cowboy lovers. Sorry, you’ll have to supply your own batteries. Better buy a case. Oh, hell, just buy stock in the company.


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