Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Edge of Obsession (Edge of Series #1) by Megan Crane Review

EDGE OF OBSESSION is an nicely paced take on a post apocalyptic world that has been overcome by flood waters. I enjoyed Crane's spin on the idea of a great storm changing the landscape of the world and how society adjusts. Raiders are a futuristic version of Viking-like groups of men who pillage and take what they need to survive and thrive by shear strength. The fact that they are seafaring is also a nice twist. Society has taken a huge leap backwards in this new world. Women have little to no value past their fertility and society is strictly divided between the wealthy and the poor. Superstitions and violence are the basis for society as a whole. Modern society before the storms is obsolete and has reverted back to fiefdoms. Those with wealth or the strength to take what they want are the unchecked rulers. The means of survival with technology has been wrested from the average person and horded by the people in charge. 

There is plenty of erotic scenes in EDGE OF OBSESSION that eventually leads to romance as well. Although, that is an enjoyable part of the story, Crane's world building is what will have me looking forward to reading the next book in this series. 

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**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**


Tyr, a powerful man in a destroyed world, needs only three things to survive: his weapons, basic resources and a rotation of women to serve his voracious sexual needs. But when a beautiful prisoner grabs his attention during a mission to restock his clan's supplies, Tyr's alpha instincts give way to something much darker--strong, unquenchable lust that cannot be ignored...or denied.

After two years on the run, Helena is snared by this dominant group of men who roam the land unchallenged. Strong to her core and with a mission of her own, Helena knows she doesn't have to be their captive for long. But despite all the terrible things she's heard about these brutal beasts, Helena is overcome by intense desire for the ruthless man who has taken her. As their scorching passion escalates, Helena will have to trust in Tyr in order to save both what's left of this desolate, torn-up world...and herself. 


  1. That sounds good but Waterworld keeps popping up and I really do NOT have a thing for Kevin Costner I have the extreme opposite thanks to my mom and her love of playing The Bodyguard over and over between Color Purple. So if I can get him off my brain I might give this a go because it does sound really good.

    1. That is the PERFECT comparison for this world! LOL!!!!!


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